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ImmuBest ImmuBest 60 caps.
32.67 €

ImmuBest 60 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2025-05
Shipping weight: 180g
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  • Complex of ingredients: turmeric, bovine colostrum, royal jelly
  • Fortified with black pepper extract
  • Conforms to European manufacturing standards
  • Vegetable capsules

BESTLAB ImmuBest is a dietary supplement designed for people looking for high-quality products to support their daily diet. It contains selected extracts and natural ingredients that come from controlled sources, guaranteeing purity and safe use.

Rhizome Extract - obtained from the rhizome of a plant called turmeric, known for its yellow pigments called curcuminoids. Turmeric is popular in folk medicine and as a spice.

Lyophilized bovine colostrum - dried bovine infant milk, rich in immunoglobulins, mainly Immunoglobulin G (IgG), an antibody that supports the immune system.

Freeze-dried royal jelly - a secretion of bee glands used to feed the larvae and queen in the hive, contains 10-HDA, a unique fatty acid characteristic only of royal jelly.

Black pepper fruit extract - extracted from the fruit of black pepper, is a source of piperine, an alkaloid responsible for the pungent taste of pepper, valued in culinary and supplement applications.

The BESTLAB ImmuBest product has been manufactured in accordance with European standards, including GMP, GHP, HACCP and ISO, ensuring the highest quality and safety. The capsules, made of vegetable cellulose, are ideal for those on a plant-based diet, as they contain no animal ingredients. Thanks to the "Clean Label" strategy, BESTLAB ImmuBest contains no additional substances, fillers, colors, preservatives or contaminants.

BESTLAB ImmuBest is a dietary supplement that, thanks to its natural and researched formula without additives and preservatives, is the right choice for those concerned about the purity and quality of the products they use. It ideally supports a plant-based diet, making it an accessible and preferred choice for many users.

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