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PMS with B6 & B-Vitamins PMS with B6 & B-Vitamins 100 caps.
Nature's Way
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PMS with B6 & B-Vitamins 100 caps.

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  • Contains high dose of vitamin B6 and other B vitamins
  • Designed for fighting the symptoms of PMS
  • Regulates the body system response to hormonal changes
  • Improves well-being in the second half of menstrual cycle
  • Relieves pain during menstruation
  • Richness of natural plant extracts
  • Facilitates falling asleep and improves quality of sleep
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Prevents liquid retention in the body system
  • Promotes positive and stable mood
  • Anti-anxiety and sedative properties

Nature’s Way PMS with B6 & other B-Vitamins is a product designed for alleviating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The supplement contains a composition of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

The supplement is recommended for women of child-bearing potential, who suffer from bad physical and mental well-being during the second phase of menstrual cycle. The product promotes regulation of body system response to hormonal changes which occur in the woman’s organism all over the month. It positively affects physical and mental well-being. It alleviates typical symptoms of PMS.

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is an umbrella term for physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the second phase of menstrual cycle. It is estimated that 30% of women suffer from these symptoms. The cause of PMS is unknown. The underlying mechanism is believed to involve changes in hormone levels during the second cycle phase. These include mainly overproduction of oestrogens and deficiency of progestogens.

Studies demonstrate that there are many natural compounds that can eliminate negative symptoms of PMS without the risk of side effects. The supplement contains the most effective ones:

B-vitamins are the most important vitamins responsible for the proper functioning of the body system. They regulate metabolism, transformations of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as they affect the functioning of the nervous and muscle systems. The supplement contains an increased dose of vitamin B6, which is used in the treatment of PMS. The vitamin is involved in the synthesis of important neurotransmitters which determine good mood. It acts as a cofactor for the production of serotonin and dopamine. Low level of serotonin is characteristic for the luteal phase in women suffering from PMS. This results in bad mood, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Complementing B-vitamins level, and especially vitamin B6, alleviates the symptoms of PMS, mainly these associated with emotions.

Magnesium is one of the most important elements regulating body system functions. It has been scientifically proven that its deficiency results in serious consequences for health and can disrupt the functioning of many system and organs. Some researchers demonstrate that magnesium deficiency causes PMS, and for sure it exacerbates its symptoms. Numerous studies prove that therapy with magnesium fight many PMS symptoms. It reduces symptoms associated with nervous system functioning, such as anxiety, depression, impaired concentration and irritability, as well as it can relieve somatic symptoms, including flushing, back pain, migraine, muscle and joint pain, breast tenderness. The best results were achieved by the combination of vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Black cohosh is a plant from North America. Its rhizome contains large amounts of bioactive compounds, including isoflavones, organic acids, alkaloids and triterpene glycosides. They act similarly to synthetic selective oestrogen receptor modulators and promote homeostasis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary system. Moreover, they are active in the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems. Thanks to this, they not only help to regulate the menstrual cycle, but also eliminate mood swings and relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, which often appear in the second phase of the cycle. Black cohosh extracts are also recommended for women who are struggling with excessive bleeding and severe abdominal pain during menstruation.

Wild yam is found mainly in North America. Its root is characterised by high content of phytoestrogens and diosgenin, the natural estradiol mimetic. It works well in the case of hormonal disorders, promotes a natural balance between key sex hormones, regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces discomfort associated with both PMS and menopause.

Dandelion is a widespread plant. It is a strong, natural diuretic. One of the common symptoms of PMS is liquid retention in the body system. Women complain that before the menstruation they gain weight and feel swollen. It is often a result of water retention. Dandelion extract allows for smooth elimination of excessive water. It is also rich in valuable electrolytes, mainly potassium, which is why its action is not associated with the risk of electrolyte balance impairment.

Lobelia is a decorative and healing plant. For therapeutic purposes, flowers, stems and roots are used. They contain numerous biologically active compounds, including alkaloids such as lobeline and isolobelanin. Lobelia extract promotes muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation. Thanks to its diastolic effects, it effectively reduces menstrual pain.

Guelder rose (in supplementation known as cramp bark) is a shrub bearing red fruits resembling blueberries. In the phytotherapy, mainly the bark is used. It is a source of many pharmacologically active substances, such as flavonoids, phytosterols, tannins, triterpenes, organic acids and coumarin derivatives. It eliminates ailments typical for women. It relieves painful uterine contractions, even the severe ones accompanied by nausea, vomiting and chills. It can be used in the case of gynaecological disorders, such as painful periods, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Indian tribes also used it to prevent miscarriage.

To sum it all up, Nature’s Way PMS with B6 & other B-Vitamins, is designed for women struggling with PMS. The supplement is characterised by a high dose of vitamin B6 and other B vitamins . It is a perfect choice for women suffering from mental and emotional discomfort during the second phase of the cycle.


Directions for use
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Container size: 100 capsulesServing size: 3 capsulesServings per container: 33
per portion (3 capsules)amount%DV
Total Carbohydrate1 g
Thiamine (as thiamin HCl)750 mcg50%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)852 mcg50%
Niacin (as niacinamide)10 mg50%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl )76 mg3800%
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)3 mcg50%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide )50 mg13%
Black Cohosh (root)225 mg**
Wild yam (root)225 mg**
Dandelion (leaf)150 mg**
Lobelia (stem, leaf, flower)150 mg**
Cramp Bark (bark)100 mg**

Other ingrednients

Cellulose, plant-derived capsule (hypromellose), magnesium stearate.


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Calories are the conventional name of the unit expressing the energy value of food, the demand and energy expenditure in human body, which in fact is 1 kilocalorie (1 kcal). 1 kilocalorie is the amount of thermal energy required to heat 1 g of water and 1 degree Celsius. The SI unit of thermal energy is 1 joule (1J), equal to approximately 4,185 kcal.
The energy value is determined by the chemical composition of the food product, by means of the so-called. physiological equivalents. Most often Atwater equivalent is used: ratio for protein 4 kcal / g, for carbohydrates 4kcal / g, and for fat - 9kcal / g.
The energy value carried out with the so-called. "Caloric bomb" is equivalent to the physical energy, amounting to 4.1 kcal per 1 g carbohydrate to 5.65 kcal per 1 g protein, 9.45 kcal per 1 g of fat.
Nutritional value, determines the suitability of a food product for realizing life functions of human, the higher it is - the higher bioavailability and lower quantity for consumption for obtaining the effects.




Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient. They are divided into: simple sugars (monosaccharides), disaccharides and polysaccharides. In terms of the human bioavailability of carbohydrates is divided into: digestabe, those which are digested in the gastrointestinal tract by transferring energy to the tissues or cells (such as starch, fructose) and indigestable, resistant to digestive enzymes (e.g. cellulose) . Affects blood glucose levels (glycemic index) and the metabolism of insulin (insulin index). The greatest demand for carbohydrates occurs before physical activity or in the middle of it, because they increase the exercise capacity, consumed after exercise provide regeneration. In the sports diet the absorption rate it is important of carbohydrates and reactions of the organism. Available in mono-preparation supplements and part of the energetic supplements, creatine stacks, nitrogen boosters.
Dosage: according to the statistics of the Institute of Food and Nutrition, carbohydrates should comprise about 50% of daily energy intake. In some diets, used
residual carbohydrate consumption, not exceeding 30g / 24h.


Vitamin B1 (thiamine)


Vitamin B1 (thiamin, vitamin B) improves mental alertness and strengthens the nervous system ensuring the proper functioning of the brain. It improves cardiac and muscular system. It is suportive in the treatment of shingles. Involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Natural source of vitamin B1 are brown bread, yeast, eggs, raw vegetables, meat, milk, legumes, cheese.
Vitamin B1 deficiency hinders the processes of decomposition of sugars (catabolism), causes a loss of appetite and disorders in the functioning of the digestive tract, can cause polyneuritis and disease beriberi.
Dosage: Recommended daily intake is 1-2 mg.


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)


Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is soluble in liquids, is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Required for growth of the organism. Takes part in the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells). It is located in natural foods, such as yeast, meat (especially liver, kidney, heart), milk, fish and green leafy vegetables.
A deficiency of vitamin B2 inhibits the growth, diseases of the mouth, loss and greasy hair, seborrhea and stratification of nails. Increases skin roughness and
susceptibility to acne and oily skin.
Dosage: 1-2 mg per day.


Vitamin B3


Vitamin B3 (vitamin PP, niacin, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide) is niacinamide niacin. It is used in interaction with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in the synthesis of hormones during lactation. It provides proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is helpful in inflammatory conditions of the skin. Required for synthesis of sex hormone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and insulin. It does not lose its properties in the manufacturing and storage. The source of acquiring vitamins PP are both products of animal origin (the lean meat, eggs, fish) and vegetable origin (dates, figs, hazelnuts, plums).
Dosage: 2-12 mg / day for children, 14 mg / day for women, 16 mg / day for men and 17-18 mg / day for pregnant or nursing women.


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine) is soluble in the liquid. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of fat in the blood do not enable deposition of the body. It helps the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12 (cobalamin). It works on the muscle antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory pain in the joints. It acts anti. It provides efficient operation of the brain. It increases energy increasing vigor of a man. The demand for vitamin B6 increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding infants. The natural product is: yeast, eggs, wheat germ, meat (liver), wheat bran, nuts, peanuts peanuts, soybeans. There is a hypothesis that can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria.
Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes abnormal metabolism of proteins, decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue intensifies.
Dosage: 1.5-2.5 mg daily (increased demand during pregnancy and lactation).


Pyridoxine hydrochloride


What is pyridoxine hydrochloride?

Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a basic, the most commonly used form of vitamin B6 in supplements and fortified foods. It is a vitamin soluble in water. It converts to the active form of the vitamin - pyridoxal phosphate.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions. It takes part in the production of many neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin and catecholamines and it takes part in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. It is an important factor for the process of the creation of red cells and hemoglobin and its deficit may be one of the factors causing anemia. This vitamin contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism and is important for maintaining well-being and good psychological condition. Its presence supports the breakdown of pro-inflammatory homocysteine to cysteine and further metabolites, thanks to which it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiological incidents.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride may be found in many vitamin B complexes and vitamin-mineral preparations available in the offer of

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)


Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, cyanocobalamin) is a vitamin soluble in liquids. Participates in the production of red blood cells and is essential in the absorption of iron by the body. It calming effect, a positive effect on concentration and memory. Intensifies its action in cooperation with folic acid (vitamin M). Usually occurs in animal products, fish and dairy products. It contains trace elements.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to pernicious anaemia, general and immunity weakness, inhibiting of growth and damage to the myelin sheath of nerves.




What is cyanocobalamin?

Cyanocobalamin is a basic, the most commonly met form of vitamin B12 in vitamin B complexes and multivitamins available on the market.

Vitamin B12 is the most known for its influence on neurology. It takes part in building and regenerating myelin sheaths of neurons, thanks to which it contributes to the protection of the nervous system against damages. Because of the ability to increase the level of S-Adenosyl methionine, vitamin B12 may contribute to more efficient synthesis of many neurotransmitters, thanks to which it positively influences well-being and psychical condition.

This vitamin is also engaged in the process of blood production and its deficiencies contribute to the creation of megaloblastic anemia. Its deficits may also concern vegetarians and vegans, elderly people, people with absorption disorders and those using drugs neutralizing gastric acid.

Cyanocobalamin is included in the composition of many complex vitamin supplements that may be found in the offer of



Magnesium (element from the group of alkaline earth metals, atomic no. 12, a chemical symbol - Mg), one of the most important health microelements, participates in the synthesis process of the disintegration of high energy compounds and processes of transformation of hydrocarbons and fats. It affects the dilation of blood vessels and lower blood pressure, prevents hypercoagulable state. Shortages affect cardiac arrhythmias, malignant muscle cramps, insomnia and anxiety. It is a component of many dietary supplements and found in foods such as whole grain bread, legumes, buckwheat, rice, fish, meat, as well as chocolate, cocoa and nuts.
Dosage of 100 - 500 mg / day

Magnesium oxide


Magnesium oxide – the most common form of this macroelement in supplementation that is essential to the human body. It belongs to a group of key intracellular cations and that is why its adequate levels are critical to maintaining the body’s homeostasis. An active lifestyle increases requirements for magnesium and that is why its supplementation is recommended strongly to athletes.

The most common symptoms associated with magnesium deficiencies are muscle cramps and eye twitches. This is connected with a significant impact of magnesium ions on the efficiency of the nervous system. Its adequate intake helps maintain neuromotor fitness. Deficiencies of this element are also said to aggravate symptoms of depression.

What is more, magnesium supplementation supports healthy cardiovascular function. It is suggested that its deficiencies promote the development of atherosclerotic lesions and hypertension. Too low dietary magnesium intake is associated with arrythmia and increased risk of heart attack.

Magnesium supplements are recommended to individuals doing hard mental work and learning. Its healthy levels enhance focus and may facilitate learning. It has a beneficial impact on sleep quality.

Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa)


Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) is a plant species of the Ranunculaceae family which seems to be a promising agent for relieving menopausal symptoms.

Its biological activity is due to the content of such substances as: triterpene glycosides (cimicifugoside, deoxyactein and actein), cinnamic acid derivatives (ferulic and isoferulic acid) and alkaloids (n-methylcytisine).

The mechanism of action of this plant has not been fully recognised yet. Studies suggest that triterpene glycosides have features of a phyto-selective estrogen receptor modulator (phyto-SERM), acting as agonists and antagonists of estrogen receptor α and β. In addition, active substances in the plant are believed to modulate levels of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in the hypothalamus, which may result in the optimisation of the thermoregulatory centre.

Extracts from black cohosh may prove effective in climacterium – thereby reducing unpleasant vasomotor symptoms –  hot flashes and night sweats. What is more, they reduce emotional instability and prevent insomnia.

Wild yam


Wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) is a plant known for its properties that relieve menopausal symptoms. It eliminates also diseases that accompany menopause.

The main bioactive substance found in the plant is diosgenin, classified among so-called steroid saponins. The substance is structurally similar to cholesterol and is involved in the synthesis of corticcosteroids and sex hormones. Furthermore, it shows anti-inflammatory properties and exerts a cytotoxic effect on cancer cells.

Supplementation with wild yam root brings numerous benefits, especially to women – it optimises the menstrual cycle and reduces menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, excessive sweating and mood swings). It is a perfect natural and safe alternative for hormone preparations which does not interfere with the body’s hormonal balance (functions as an oestradiol mimic but does not increase its levels).

Dandelion extract


Dandelion extract – what is it?

Dandelion extract is a plant of diuretic properties, so that it removes excessive water from the body system.

It is a popular plant with yellow flowers, also known as Taraxacum. It is believed to show a wide range of health-promoting properties, which include influence on diuresis, excretion of water excess from the body system. The effects can be caused by high content of potassium or trace amounts of sodium, which promotes water excretion.

It can be also potentially beneficial for the digestive system. It is speculated that dandelion accelerates emptying the stomach and migration of gastric content to the small intestine, so that it gets rid of the unpleasant feeling of remaining food. It can also support liver and pancreas.

Dandelion can be found in diuretic preparations and preparations aiming at fat combustion, available in the offer of

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