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Mastermind v2 Mastermind v2 180 caps.
Apollo's Hegemony
34.41 €

Mastermind v2 180 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2026-12
Shipping weight: 300g
No gluten
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  • Unique formula aimed at supporting the brain and nervous system
  • Recommended for people who perform demanding mental work
  • Synergistic active substances

Apollo's Hegemony Mastermind v2 is an innovative dietary supplement containing a set of ingredients supporting the work of the brain and nervous system. The formula of the preparation is based on proven bioactive substances, such as alpha-GPC, ALCAR, NALT, L-theanine and caffeine. Additionally, the composition was enriched with natural plant extracts, B vitamins, piperine and ginger.

Caffeine and L-theanine – the perfect duo

Caffeine is a purine alkaloid from the methylxanthine group, popularly used to improve alertness, focus and concentration, as well as reduce fatigue. L-Theanine is a non-protein amino acid found naturally in green tea. It exhibits calming properties, while maintaining the alertness of the mind. It perfectly complements the effects of caffeine, neutralizing its negative effects (irritability, anxiety, problems with concentration).

A set of ingredients with nootropic potential

Alpha-GPC and ALCAR are involved in the production of acetylcholine - an important neurotransmitter closely related to cognitive processes. NALT is an acetylated form of the L-tyrosine amino acid, which is involved in the synthesis of catecholamines – noradrenaline and dopamine. These are neurotransmitters involved in mobilizing the body to act.

Natural plant extracts

The manufacturer included three plant extracts in the composition. Bacopa extract (Bacopa monnieri) supports mental health and cognitive functions and may have a positive effect on short- and long-term memory. Lion's Mane extract is a very promising natural agent with nootropic potential.

The addition of B vitamins

The entire formula is complemented by the addition of vitamin B6 (as P5P) and vitamin B12 (in the form of adenosylcobalamin), which support the functioning of the nervous system and help maintain normal psychological functions.

To sum up, Apollo's Hegemony Mastermind v2 is a dietary supplement recommended for people who need support within the nervous system, especially during periods of intense intellectual work.

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