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Lecithin is a mixture of organic chemical compounds from the group of phospholipids and lipids, which is one of the best sources of phosphatidylcholine. The nutrients particularly rich in lecithin include egg yolks, soybean, sunflower, and oilseed rape seeds. Supplementation most often derives lecithin obtained from sunflower and soy. Leading producers use non-genetically modified plants.

Lecithin is crucial for the health and proper functioning of the nervous system. It provides adequate fluidity to cell membranes, improves the transmission of nerve impulses and strengthens the production of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. In addition, it may stimulate the neuroplasticity of the brain and increase receptors' sensitivity to the activity of serotonin, which is the key component for a good mood.

Preparations in this category are especially recommended for people exposed to the intense intellectual effort. They help to strengthen memory, facilitate focusing attention and stabilize the mood. They are ideal for people who are required to focus on details and the ability to quickly acquire knowledge. This is why the supplements are eagerly used by office workers and students. They are equally good for seniors, who are worried about the progressive decline in memory and intellectual performance.


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Optimal PC Out of stock
Seeking Health
38.42 $

Complex of phospholipids. Supports brain and cognitive function.

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Phosphatidyl Choline Out of stock
Source Naturals
from 16.67 $

The top supplement that can improve memory and mental clarity.

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Optimal PC Out of stock
Seeking Health
43.25 $

Complex of phospholipids. Supports brain and cognitive function.

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Micellized Pure PC Out of stock
67.41 $

Phosphatidylcholine shows neuroprotective properties, regulates cholesterol level and improves hormonal functions.

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Gold-Lecithin 1200 Out of stock
5.32 $

Dietary supplement containing lecithin. It improves memory, concentration, heart functions and circulatory system.

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Lecithin 1200mg Out of stock
Now Foods
from 8.46 $

Highly concentrated soy lecithin in the form of gel capsules. It supports the nervous system and concentration.

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Life Extension
14.25 $

Dietary supplement supporting brain functions, stabilizing mood and improving memory and concentration.

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Phosphatidylcholine 420mg
Phosphatidylcholine 420mg Discontinued
26.34 $

Phosphatidylcholine from soy lecithin. Ensures proper functioning of the liver, intestines and nervous system

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Lecithin Granules
Lecithin Granules Discontinued
Now Foods
16.67 $

Lecithin Granules support brain and cardiovascular health.

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Ultra Policosanols 10mg
Ultra Policosanols 10mg Discontinued
Jarrow Formulas
19.09 $

Dietary supplement containing natural policosanols. Ensures the decrease of the level of LDL cholesterol.

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