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Zinc Glycinate 30mg Zinc Glycinate 30mg 120 softgels
Now Foods
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Zinc Glycinate 30mg 120 softgels

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  • Amino acid zinc chelate
  • Zinc with TRAACS® sign
  • An additive of pumpkin seed oil
  • Supports the functions of numerous enzymes
  • Optimizes hormonal balance
  • Supports antioxidant barrier
  • Improves detoxification of the organism
  • Improves the function of the immune system
  • Ensures proper work of the circulatory system
  • Supports the functioning of prostate
  • Increases infallibility of the reproductive system
  • Takes care about the good state of the nervous system
  • Improves the condition of the digestive system
  • Optimizes energy balance
  • Ensures proper vision
  • Engages in appetite regulation
  • Supports the work of the liver

NOW Zinc Glycinate is a preparation containing zinc glycinate in pumpkin seed oil. By supplementing a diet in a very important microelement, it supports the work of many enzymes and hormones, ensures high effectiveness of antioxidant and detoxification processes, enables infallible functioning of energy metabolism and efficient work of many systems, including: reproductive, immune or nervous systems. The required effectiveness of the product is ensured by the form of zinc labeled with a sign TRAACS®, used on the basis of a license granted by the company Albion Laboratories, Inc. A unique combination of zinc and pumpkin seed oil makes this product appropriate for people who require additional support for prostate, liver and the circulatory system.

Zinc – a mineral element, important for the functioning of the human organism, the demand for which exceeds 100 mg/day, thanks to which from the nutritional point of view, it is classified as microelement. When derived from outside, it is located in highest amounts in muscles and bones as well as in skin and numerous organs in the middle of the body, including: liver, pancreas, kidneys and spleen. The pool contained in the plasma falls in majority for ions related almost equally to albumin and macroglobulin as well as amino acids in smaller amounts. The total volume of zinc appearing in the human organism ranges from 1,5 to 4 g. Determining the content of zinc in the organism and acknowledging its indispensability for the proper work of the human organism took place as late as is 1926. Since discovering “zinc fingers”, in turn, in 1985, this element has started to be treated more seriously than ever.

Zinc, being a ion with d10 configuration, unsusceptible to ligand fields, able to quickly exchange ligands and at the same time not undergoing hydrolysis with the production of hydroxy-complexes in the environment of low pH and not exhibiting redox properties in biological conditions, is a mineral component able to play various functions in the organism, both in the period of growth and maintaining good health condition. It is important for the work of many enzymes and hormones, proper reproduction of the genetic material, protection of the organism from aggressively oxidizing compounds and toxins as well as appropriate work of many systems and organs.

The most important food sources of zinc are primarily animal products including: oysters, lobster, shrimps, mussels, fish, red meat, liver, sesame seeds, almonds, buckwheat groats and whole grain products. It is estimated that the need for a given mineral element for an average person is 10-15 mg / day.

Properties of zinc

Counteracts oxidative damage
By intensifying the synthesis of metalloproteins engaged in the reduction of the concentration of free radicals, constituting a building element stabilizing the structure of superoxide dismutase breaking down superoxide radical to oxygen and hydrogen peroxide molecules, limiting oxidation of sulfhydryl proteins, regulating the activity of NADPH oxidase and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) by inhibiting the activation of NMDA receptors, creating the quality of reaction in stressful conditions by the influence on the excitability of the transcription factor NTF2 and by appearing in the role of metabolic antagonist of copper, as a result of which it normalizes the reactions of oxidation, especially the processes of lipid peroxidation, it increases the efficiency of antioxidant barrier engaged in the protection of the structures of the system from unbeneficial reactions of oxidation.

Supports building, development and survival of many structures
By being an important component stabilizing the structure of chosen enzymes or activating proper enzymes of a cofactor, i.e. polymerases RNA or DNA and also by enabling the creation of the so-called “zinc fingers”, taking part in connecting nucleic acids to proteins, it contributes to the reproduction of the genetic material and the synthesis of new molecules in the system, including proteins. By having antioxidant effect, it protects earlier created structures from damage and dying.

Limits the development of cancer
Watching over the appropriateness of the processes of reproducing genetic material and the creation and proper development of structures, as well as minimizing aggressive damage of the structures leading to their deformation and improper development, it limits the probability of developing cancer cells.

Responsible for the proper work of the immune system
By lowering toxicity of NK cells against the organism’s cells, promoting the synthesis of interleukin IL-1 and IL-6 as well as TNF-alpha, accelerating the process of specialization of unspecialized lymphocytes T, intensifying the activity of monocytes, influencing the adhesion of neutrophils to the endothelial cells, influencing the occurrence of programmed immune cell death and decreasing the extensiveness of excessively spread inflammations it supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

Decreases toxicity of heavy metals
As an antagonist of lead and cadmium, competing for chosen transporters located in the intestinal barrier, it prevents toxifying the organism with heavy metals.

Promotes maintaining acid-base balance
By constituting a cofactor of the first enzyme discovered with its participation, i.e. carbonic anhydrase, it takes part in releasing carbon dioxide by lungs or its transformation to hydrogencarbonate or hydrogen ion in kidneys, as a result of which it supports maintaining acid-base balance in the organism.

Support of energy balance
By creating activity of chosen hormones engaged in the quality of work of energy balance, including: thyroid hormones, insulin or glucagon as well as by ensuring optimal work of organs essential for the appropriateness of concentrations of given hormones, including thyroid hormones, it is engaged in the activity of energy balance.

Optimizes hormonal balance of men
By taking part in the reactions of the transformations of cholesterol to male hormones, facilitating proper synthesis of testosterone and increasing the number of androgen receptors, it intensifies the activity of testosterone in the organism. By limiting the activity of 5α-reductase, it minimizes the conversion of testosterone to its more aggressive form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), taking care at the same time about maintaining optimal level of testosterone influence on the organism. By limiting the potential to create estrogen receptors, it decreases the occurrence of the effects of estrogen overactivity.

Increases male fertility
By promoting the creation of testosterone responsible for the efficiency of spermatogenesis, supporting maturation of sperm cells, increasing their survival rate and mobility by decreasing oxidative stress responsible for destroying sperm cell structure, including mitochondria providing energy essential for moving, it engages in maintaining high male fertility.

Promotes maintaining good state of prostate
By decreasing the activity of 5α-reductase in the area of prostate and at the same time reducing the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it decreases the probability of developing prostate hypertrophy, supporting maintaining its full functionality.

Enables proper work of the digestive system
Being a ion permanently bound in the structures of carboxypeptidase, it takes part in the processes of digestion of small, several-amino acid peptides. By taking part in the normalization of releasing hydrochloric acid to the stomach, it creates the environment that is suitable for digestive processes and protects the digestive system from unwanted pathogens. Taking care about the required tightness of intestinal barrier, in turn, it decreases undesirable permeation of liquids to the intestines.

Preserves good condition of the cardiovascular system
Increased zinc intake reducing possible deficiencies decreases the probability of creating atherosclerotic plaques. Proper supply of zinc also allows to maintain optimal concentration of cholesterol and low density lipoproteins (LDL) circulating in blood plasma.

Supports the function of the nervous system
Zinc is engaged in autosomal signalization, mainly in the form of complexes created with glutamate. It affects the signalization of NMDA and GABA receptors and increases the activity of AMPA receptors. By interfering with nerve signalization, it takes part in generally understood functioning of the nervous system and it takes part in the processes of learning and memorizing.

Ensures the sense of taste and proper appetite
As a factor ensuring the required catalytic strength of gustin (a protein contained in the secretion of salivary glands, responsible for the development of taste buds by accelerating the differentiation and rebuilding of their cells), it maintains the required ability to feel taste. It guarantees good state of taste buds and their receptors, responsible for taste and allows to relish the taste of dishes, which considerably influences the willingness to eat. By influencing the creation of the level of leptin (the hormone of satiation), as a result of the eaten food, it is engaged in signaling satiation, as a result of eating enough food.

Allows to maintain the ability of vision
As an essential component of the processes of retinoic acid synthesis, it takes part in the production of a chemical compound enabling the reception of stimuli from external world through eyes.

The influence on maintaining good mental state
By increasing the concentration of neurotrophic factor, which influences the brain (BDNF), it exhibits anti-glutaminergic effect, counteracting the occurrence of obsessive-compulsive disorders and promotes the uptake of serotonin by the chosen areas of the brain and takes care about good mental condition.

Supports maintaining attractive appearance
By its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and desiccative effects, it accelerates would healing and supports maintaining healthy skin. It reduces the activity of 5α-reductase in capillaries, limits hair loss caused by excessive production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Pumpkin seed oil – liquid mixture with the majority of fatty compounds, obtained from plants of Cucurbita kind in the family of Cucurbitaceae, the most recognizable representative of which is Cucurbita pepo, a thermophilic, flowering, annual plant producing fruits measuring several dozen centimeters, with hard cover and soft flesh, coming from the terrains of America, cultivated in many other parts of the World, including Europe. Oil obtained from pumpkin seeds is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, primarily oleic and linoleic acids, as well as triterpenoids, carotenoids and phenolic acids. Among the largest producers of this oil there are Yugoslavia Austria or Hungary.

Thanks to numerous pro-health compounds that pumpkin seed oil is rich in, this fat demonstrates a few interesting properties that support maintaining good condition of the organism:

Thanks to cucurbitacin destroying the nervous systems of parasites living in the digestive tract, it has anti-parasitic effect.

Thanks to the content of triterpenoids it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

By providing a large amount of γ-tocopherols, it decreases the extensiveness of inflammations, i.a. in joints.

By decreasing inflated blood pressure, having anti-erythrogenic effect and lowering the concentration of triglycerides in blood, it promotes maintaining good condition of the cardiovascular system.

By having cytotoxic effect on improperly changed cells, it limits the appearance of certain cancers, including liver cancer.

As a result of beta-sitosterol, limiting the activity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the area of prostate, it supports maintaining good state of prostate.

By reducing inflammations and decreasing dysfunction of prostate, it mitigates the symptoms of the urinary system and improves the ability to pass urine.

By having hypoglycemic effect, it decreases the level of glucose in blood.

Apart from pro-health properties of pumpkin seed oil, its utilization as a carrier for various substances is supported by very low content of linoleic acid (0,2%), which provides a given fat with high stability and at the same time high safety of use for a long period of time.

NOW Zinc Glycinate is a product, providing zinc chelated with glycine, administered in the form of easy to swallow soft gels with the additional content of high-quality pumpkin seed oil. By increasing the amount of zinc and the supply of important phytocompounds in a diet, it promotes unwavering work of many enzymes and hormones, increases the efficiency of antioxidant barrier, supports detoxification processes taking place in the system, ensures efficient work of energy metabolism and takes care about good condition of prostate, liver and numerous systems, including: cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, reproductive, immune systems and proper mental attitude. Appropriate effectiveness is guaranteed by the sign TRAACS®, the application of which is possible only in the basis of the consent and recommendation of the company Albion Laboratories, Inc., a world leader in the production of the best bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals. The innovative combination of zinc with oil obtained from pumpkin seeds applied in the product NOW Zinc Glycinate ensures primarily support for maintaining proper condition and efficiency of prostate, liver and cardiovascular system.

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