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Biotin 2500mcg Biotin 2500mcg 120 tab.
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Biotin 2500mcg 120 tab.

Servings: 120 tab.
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  • Pharmaceutical quality Quali-Biotin® patented form of D-biotin
  • Participates in the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids
  • Has a positive effect on the appearance and functioning of skin
  • Helps to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands
  • Supports the regeneration of nail plate
  • May reduce hair loss
  • Strengthens hair and makes it shine
  • Effective dose

Aliness Biotin is a dietary supplement containing the patented form of biotin – Quali-Biotin® produced in Europe. The product strengthens hair and nails (prevents them from breaking and restores elasticity) and ensures healthy-looking skin.

The preparation contains D-biotin, a biologically active form of biotin.

Biotin (vitamin B7) is called a vitamin of beauty or less often a vitamin H (Haut means "skin" in German) and, like other B vitamins, it plays an important role in the functioning of the body. Biotin is mainly known for its beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails, but as it turns out, it has a much wider application.

Biotin may bind to other proteins in the process called biotinylation, through which it allows for the proper functioning of some enzymes. This process is the essence of biotin activity because many biotin-dependant enzymes are necessary for the proper course of gluconeogenesis, lipid metabolism, amino acid catabolism, and a series of energy transformations. Biotin also participates in gene transcription and may be important in regulating chromatin structure and in DNA repair.

Deficiencies of this vitamin affect, among others, people with congenital disorders of biotin metabolism (e.g. biotinidase deficiency), problems with digestion and absorption, individuals on long-term parenteral nutrition or those consuming large amounts of raw egg protein. Although biotin deficiency is relatively rare, it is worth supplementing it, especially if the skin, hair or nails need support from the inside.

The beneficial effect on the condition of hair and nails
Biotin is often a relief for weakened hair and nails. It has been shown that a regular, several-month biotin supplementation at a dose of 2.5 mg per day is extremely effective in case of the problems with nail plate. Biotin supplementation resulted in the reduction of brittleness, fragility and splitting of nails. At the same time, the condition of the hair was improved - it became stronger, more flexible and shiny, and their loss was reduced.

The beneficial effect of biotin on the appearance of hair and nails is conditioned by the presence of sulfur molecules. Sulfur is part of keratin, which is a family of structural proteins that is characterized by high mechanical and chemical resistance. Keratin builds structures such as hair and nails and has a strengthening function, making them more resistant to external factors.

Healthy skin 
Biotin deficiency may result in the appearance of lesions located within the skin. These may include seborrhea, dryness, psoriatic and erythematous changes, and even hyperchromia. Their occurrence is probably caused by disorders in the metabolism of lipids that biotin is, too, responsible for.

Biotin supports the processes of skin cell differentiation and regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. Supplementation with biotin may improve the elimination of inflammation and support the treatment of even severe conditions of seborrheic dermatitis.

In addition, biotin has moisturizing, brightening, and smoothing properties so it can effectively reduce the symptoms of aging. People with dry skin, prone to wrinkles will particularly benefit from the supplementation with biotin.

In summary, Aliness Biotin is a dietary supplement that strengthens the structure of hair and nails and has a positive effect on the skin condition. It is recommended especially for people struggling with excessive hair loss and fragile, brittle nails. It is also perfect as an internal supplement of care among people who expose their hair to frequent hairdressing procedures.


Directions for use
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Container size: 120 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 120
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Biotin Quali-Biotin® (D-biotin)2,5 mg5000%

Other ingrednients

Bulking agent: calcium phosphates, microcrystalline cellulose, acacia fiber (FIBREGUM™), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.


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Biotin (vitamin H, co-enzyme R) is in a group of B vitamins, due to the presence of sulphur compounds it is involved in the synthesis of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Also synthesized in the intestines. It enhances the production of hormones and regulates cholesterol levels. It reduces muscle pain. It prevents hair loss and graying of hair. It soothes the skin inflammations. No toxic effects. Often combined with other B group vitamins and vitamin A. The natural sources of biotin are: whole grain bread, yeast, eggs (yolk), milk, brown rice and cheese.

Daily demand: 100-300 mg per day


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