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Diamond Fish Collagen Diamond Fish Collagen 300g
Apollo's Hegemony
29.67 €

Diamond Fish Collagen 300g

Min. expiration date: 2026-01
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  • Highly digestible, highest-quality fish collagen NatiCol™
  • The combination of three synergistic ingredients

Apollo’s Hegemony Diamond Fish Collagen is a dietary supplement in the form of powder contains perfectly digestible fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, and biotin. The product is available in two flavors – lemon and orange.

Fish collagen is a protein obtained from marine fish, but it also occurs naturally in the human body. Collagen is the name given to the family of fibrillary proteins that build tissues and organs in the human body. They play a structural role - they are designed to maintain the cohesiveness and elasticity of the connective tissue, give it adequate strength and mechanical resistance. It is worth remembering that already after the age of 25 it is difficult to maintain the balance between biosynthesis and collagen degradation in the body.

The preparation includes NatiCol™ hydrolyzed fish collagen. It is a readily used external source of collagen proteins in supplementation, which is characterized by high bioavailability.

Hyaluronic acid is an organic compound that is the main component of the synovial fluid. It can bind large amounts of water, which increases its volume and fills the joint cavity. Consequently, hyaluronic acid may reduce friction between articular cartilages, reducing the likelihood of injury, as well as their wearing away and pain when moving.

Biotin is otherwise known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It acts as a coenzyme for metabolically important enzymes and exerts a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair. As a result, it works synergistically with the other ingredients of this supplement. Too low levels of biotin may cause a significant deterioration in the condition of the skin, hair loss, as well as worsening in well-being.

In summary, Apollo’s Hegemony Diamond Fish Collagen provides synergistic ingredients, including perfectly absorbable fish collagen.

Directions for use
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Nutrition facts
per portion (1 scoop)amount%DV
Fish Collagen (as NatiCol 4000)8500mg*
Hyaluronic Acid50mg*
Biotin5mg (5000mcg)10 000%
*-Daily value

Hydrolyzed marine fish collagen NatiCol® 4000, hyaluronic acid, D-biotin, maltodextrin, aroma, acidity regulator: citric acid; sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; dye: carotenes.

Additional information
Container size: 300gServing size: 1 scoop (10 g)Servings per container: 30
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