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Fully Active Folate Fully Active Folate 400mcg 90 caps.
Doctor's Best
14.80 $

Fully Active Folate 400mcg 90 caps.

Servings: 400mcg 90 caps.

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  • Bioactive methylated form of folic acid
  • Supports regulation of homocysteine level
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular incidents
  • Promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Adds energy and reduces fatigue
  • Helps to keep the proper energy metabolism
  • Recommended for pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant

Doctor's Best Fully Active Folate 400 with Quatrefolic is a dietary supplement which contains the mostly bioactive form of folic acid in form of glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid (5-MTHF). There is no need for further transformations in the body system, so that the special formula is characterised by high bioavailability, and the addition of vitamin C stabilises its action.

Folic acid (vitamin B9, folate, folacin) is made of p-aminobensoic acid (PABA), glutamic acid and pteridin. A wide spectrum of folic acid application results from the fact that the compound both directly and indirectly affects the proper metabolism in body system cells.

The bioactive form of folic acid in the body system is tetrahydrofolic acid, whose polyglutamic derivatives play roles of coenzymes necessary for i.a. synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, amino acids metabolism as well as homocysteine transformation into cysteine.

Folic acid in food
Vitamin B9 was first obtained from spinach leaves, from which it received its name (Latin folium – a leaf). The reason for folic acid discovery was looking for a component of yeasts, which was responsible for their therapeutic properties, as it was observed that yeast extract supported i.a. treatment of anaemia in women.

Apart from spinach and yeasts, the sources of folic acid are also broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, nuts, liver, salmon and eggs. However, the form of folic acid present in food can be characterised by law stability, as folates are sensible to various factors, including high temperature, sunlight, metal ions (iron, copper), and the losses resulting from heat treatment can amount even for 50–80%.

Factors affecting folic acid absorption
Bioavailability of folic acid depends on various factors. Stimulants, such as alcohol and cigarettes, hinder absorption of folic acid and its accumulation in cells. Absorption of vitamin B9 can be also affected by inflammations of digestive system (coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease) and particular drugs (NSAID, preparations containing aluminium and magnesium, oral contraceptives, cholestyramines). Metabolism of folic acid is also affected by vitamins, especially vitamins B6 and B12.

Consequences and symptoms of folic acid deficiency
Deficiency of folic acid leads i.a. to megaloblastic anaemia, increase in homocysteine concentration, impaired DNA synthesis, impaired nervous system functions and serious foetal malformations (neural tube defects).

Folic acid deficiency symptoms include hyperactivity, sleep disorders, fatigue and cognitive disorders (problems with memory and concentration). Such symptoms as digestive disorders, depression and anxiety can also indicate too low supply of vitamin B9.

Folic acid – for pregnant women
One of the best known functions of folic acid is its counteracting foetal neural tube defects. As during foetal development there is an increase in DNA production, also the demand for folates increases. Numerous scientific studies indicate that folic acid reduces the risk of some congenital effects in newborns. Insufficient supply of folic acid increases frequency of miscarriages and pregnancy complications as well as increases birth weight.

Role of folic acid in atherosclerosis prevention
The proper supply of folic acid is an important element in atherosclerosis prevention. Vitamin B9 plays a role of methylene group donor for methyltransferase, an enzyme responsible for homocysteine methylation. Homocysteine is a sulphuric amino acid, a by-product of methionine transformations, and its increased level is a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases.

Impaired homocysteine transformations can lead to its accumulation in blood, which contributes to atherosclerotic lesions. Hyperhomocysteinemia contributes also to damages of connective tissue of arteries and increases adhesion of blood platelets to endothelium. Folic acid supplementation reduces homocysteine level, and it is also suggested that it can prevent coronary disease.

Folic acid and functioning of the nervous system
Folic acid participates in the synthesis of neurostimulating substances – dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline, which is why it plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, it is a key element in synthesis of myelin sheath, which isolates the nerves.

Increase in homocysteine level is associated with atherosclerosis of arteries within the brain, which is why it can lead to brain ischemia, microinfarcts and development of neurodegenerative diseases. Folates deficiencies can also affect decline in S-adenosyl methionine (SAM), which is necessary for the proper catecholamine transformations in brain.

The above properties of folic acid and deficiencies results indicate that it significantly affects activity of the nervous system, and its deficiency can cause dementia, mood deterioration and cognitive disorders.

To sum it all up, Fully Active Folate 400 with Quatrefolic is a dietary supplement which perfectly complements folic acid deficiencies. The preparation is recommended not only for pregnant women and women planning to get pregnant, but also for people with methylation disorders and increased levels of homocysteine. 

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 90
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)40 mg67%
Folate (from Quatrefolic, (6S)- 5- Methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt]400 mcg100%

Other ingrednients

Cellulose, modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule).

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Vitamin C


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) it is a vitamin soluble in body fluids, can be taken from foods (fruits and vegetables), or as drug derived synthetically. The largest of its resources can be found in broccoli, Brussels sprout, kale, black currant fruit and hawthorn, citrus fruits, tomatoes, Savoy cabbage, potatoes. In fact, intake of vitamin C of the food products does not limit the absorbed quantity. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a potent antioxidant, it is an antitoxic, increasing the immune system due to the elimination of risk of bacterial contamination. Vitamin C prevents rupture of blood vessels, affects the blood cholesterol level. It substantially increases the absorption of iron. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Lowers stress levels.
Vitamin C deficiency causes abnormal development of connective tissue, cracking capillaries, abnormal calcification of bone tissue, impaired
absorption of iron, scorbutus. With the lack of vitamin C, all kinds of injuries do not heal up properly. Vitamin C deficiency can be caused by smoking; each cigarette is destroying up to 100 mg of vitamin C.
Dosage: The demand is 60-80 mg daily. It does not limit the ability to consume higher doses. Some side effects may occur only with longer
taking of synthetic vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid


Ascorbic acid – vitamin C. Its biologically active form is the L-isomer, which negatively rotates the polarised light, so that it is a dextroisomer (laevorotatory vitamin C does not exist). It is a strong antioxidant; it reduces the amounts of free radicals, which reduces oxidative stress, a factor leading to cell apoptosis, which is why it is indicated to be a cause for premature ageing.

It supports the immune system functions and increases body system immunity. It is an essential element of the collagen synthesis path, which is why it positively affects the condition of connective tissue. Hence, it promotes also wound healing and increases the durability of capillary vessel. It is involved in transformations of tyrosine and carnitine as well as of some nutrients, so that it affects metabolism. It can also have an impact on the nervous system functions, as it reduces mental fatigue.

Higher supply of vitamin C is especially recommended in the periods of more intensive body system burden, after infections and in order to accelerate regeneration. The indications for increased supply of the vitamin are also hard physical work or intensive trainings.



Quatrefolic is the glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate and also an active form of folic acid. It is an innovative nutrient (fourth generation folate) which is well soluble in water and thus absorbed effectively by the body. As an organic compound ranked among B vitamins, it is necessary for normal functioning at the cellular level.

Adding folates to a diet is recommended especially to pregnant and lactating women. These compounds may contribute to healthy foetal development. According to studies, their intake may reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications.

Some sources report that folate supplementation supports cardiovascular function (blood production) and contribute to healthy immune function.

Quatrefolic may affect the metabolism of homocysteine whose levels increase in the body over time. Adding it to a diet may thus prevent the development of dementia and maintain healthy cognitive functions which is vital to adults, especially the elderly.



Salt (sodium chloride, or table salt), natural source of electrolytes (chlorine and potassium), regulating water and electrolyte and acid-base balance of the body, affecting the nervous system and blood pressure. Sodium is an essential element for the proper growth. The proper dose of salt prevents overheating of the body and solar stroke. It provides the proper functioning of muscles and nerves the body. Chlorine in combination with sodium, is involved in the digestive process and maintains acid-base balance in the body, as antitoxin removes toxic products of metabolism in the liver. Salt is a flavour component and preservative of many foods, nutritional supplements and mixtures of electrolytes, available at

Dosage: no specific standards of consumption, used so as to provide sufficient amount of electrolytes to the body (sodium and chloride).


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