A healthy liver – an important factor in getting fit in the summer

Summer is a good time to do something for yourself and for your own better mood. For example we could find some time for physical activity, start a slimming diet or try to care for more beauty. There is one more important thing that we do not always remember, and which will certainly positively affect our well-being. For various reasons, during the winter and spring, our liver works more intensively than at other times, so in summer you can take care of its regeneration and cleansing. What can we do to support liver function? What dietary supplements can help us with this? How effective are ways to detox the liver and the whole body?

Burden liver

The liver is an organ that performs many important tasks. These include cleansing the body of toxins, bile production, which is essential for fat digestion, and other equally important processes. The liver works without interruption, but sometimes it has to work very intensively, and we cannot always avoid it. For example, winter and spring seasons are the time when it is necessary to heat apartments. The air pollution is then greater than usual. Harmful chemical compounds contained in the smoke from home heating installations go to our lungs and from there straight into the blood. The liver plays a major role in removing them from the body.

Spring and winter are also a time of meetings, where fatty, hard-to-digest food, sweets and cakes reign, along with alcoholic beverages. It is also not indifferent to the liver. After all, those are also the seasons when colds occur more often. To combat them, we often choose drugs that are based on paracetamol. This remedy quickly tolerates pain and fever, but at the same time, it can heavily burden the liver. Even if we do not feel any disturbing symptoms, it is worth remembering the liver and, if possible, support its work so that it serves us flawlessly. In summer, our body wakes up completely from winter sleep, which is why we are happy to take various initiatives for our health. It is worth remembering about the liver then. Herbs, including those served in the form of dietary supplements, will be helpful for its regeneration.

What to take for liver support

When we hear about the herb for liver, usually our first association is milk thistle. This plant has long been known for being an effective remedy for liver problems. Milk thistle extract contains silymarin - a substance that protects and regenerates liver cells.

Milk Thistle - a source of Sylimarin
Milk Thistle - a source of Sylimarin

Artichoke extract also has a beneficial effect on the liver. This plant has made a career in Mediterranean cuisine, but it is worth remembering about its health properties. One of the active ingredients of the artichoke extract is cynarine - a compound with cholagogue which protects liver cells. In addition, it helps regulate cholesterol. Artichoke can be a tasty addition to dishes, but it is easier to take artichoke extract in the form of a dietary supplement.

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