Astragalus – effective supplementation

Astragalus is a plant native to China and known there for hundreds of years for its health-promoting properties. It is a plant belonging to the bean family and is found in more than 2500 species worldwide.

Astragalus - origin

It is known primarily for a number of valuable properties such as: improving immunity, increasing endurance, prolonging the aging process, and improving the body's regeneration. Let's take a closer look at the extent to which it is really worth focusing on its supplementation.


Astragalus is one of the better known adaptogenes; it stands out with Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea, among the best of this type of plant. Adaptogenes are compounds that support the body's resistance to various types of stress. Their task is to return the body to homeostasis, the optimal value of hormones for our body.

Astragalus contains as many as 126 active substances. However, among the most important are:

  • triterpene saponins
  • flavonoids
  • glycosides
  • amino acids
  • polysaccharides
  • Mineral components (selenium).
Astragalus, other than in form of typical dietary supplements, can be taken also in the form of infusions!
Astragalus, other than in form of typical dietary supplements, can be taken also in the form of infusions!

Stimulation of the immune system

The tragic property is attributed to strengthening the immune system. It is a powerful stimulator of cells affecting the processes of fighting infections - lymphocytes B and T as well as macrophages. Studies by the Texas Medical Centre show that saponins are largely responsible for this process, including astragalosides, agrogastragoside and astramembranin. Therefore, it is successfully used in the case of bacterial, viral or even chemo-bacterial infections. The aim in this situation is to reduce the toxicity of drugs. However, in this case it’s best to consult a doctor first, because it may interact with medication and disturb its effects. For example post-transplant medication.

Aging of the body

It has been shown that this adaptogen may have longevity-enhancing properties. This is because the substances present in it have an effect on limiting the shrinkage of telomeres. Chromosome fragments securing DNA from damage or mutation. Astragalus can activate telomerase (hTERT), an enzyme that stimulates the extra production of telomeres.

Heart and circulatory system

The study demonstrated the positive effect of astragalus extract on cardiovascular failure. The effect of the study was to improve physical performance and quality of life in patients after myocardial infarction. This results in a positive effect on the strength of myocardial contractility.

In-vitro studies have shown that a compound called astragaloside IV has a positive effect on reducing the risk of intracellular thrombosis, increasing the fibrinolytic properties of endothelial cells.


Supplementation with astragalus extract has undoubtedly proven a positive scientific effect on our body. It is recommended to use it cyclically, with other adaptogenes in physical and mental fatigue, and during periods of decline in body immunity resulting from high exercise activity.

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