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The forerunner of juice therapy, Dr Norman Walker, considers fresh vegetables and fruit to be the primary source of ingredients. To make it easier to assimilate them, it is worth taking an interest in making homemade fresh juices. We must add that it is really worth it because they are a source of active ingredients with a broad spectrum of effects.

Health in juices

In order to get the best out of nature, it is worth to get the right device. One that will certainly guarantee that you will not lose out on valuable vitamins and other elements of your diet. This is a fruit squeezer. Such a tool will enable the structure of biologically active enzymes contained in the essence of fruit and vegetable juices, but also valuable herbs and some cereals, to be preserved.

When trying to make a home-made juice, the taste composition depends exclusively on your own preferences. If just we like something, we can easily add it to the juice. The composition can also depend on the need for a specific ingredient in the chosen fruit or other added to the squeezer as a gift of nature.

How do you start juice therapy?

If we are beginners and want to start juice therapy, there is no need to worry about a lack of knowledge. The basics of how to start the therapy and various tips on how to start the therapy can be found with the juice squeezing device. Systematically, as experience grows, our skills and the right choice of combined ingredients will improve.

At the beginning of the therapy with juices in the main role, it is necessary to prepare for natural cleansing, the body from deposits and toxins accumulated in the body every day. In order not to be scared, you have to be prepared to lose weight to the optimal weight, as if a side effect, but there are certainly not many people who would care about it.

Juice making errors

Firstly, we only should call fruit juice what we naturally squeeze out of the plants we use. Only such juices obtained at home deserve this name. Based on what is commonly available in the juice shop, we can be disappointed. These are mostly diluted and worthless drinks, often enriched with unhealthy food additives.

When selecting a juicer, it is necessary to pay attention to the substances from which the components are made. For example, plastic must be attested, it can react with juice generating toxic substances. Extruders made of metals such as cast iron or stainless steel deactivate many valuable nutrients as well as to deactivate valuable active enzymes.

Health benefits of juices

Since juices cannot overdose, there is no need to worry about side effects, but if we want to use their potential in the most efficient way, a medical consultation is advisable. Juices made from green vegetables and fruit have the most of healing properties. Among their advantages are:

  • Disposal of toxins
  • Treating of excessive sweating
  • Mitigation of symptoms associated with varicose veins of the digestive system
  • Prevention of liver inflammations
  • Pain relief for painful haemorrhoids
  • Strengthening the vascular system
  • Mitigation of asthma symptoms
  • Exerting a beneficial effect on lymphatic organs
  • Degradation of bacteria in wounds, thus accelerating wound healing
  • Smothering the pain caused by inflammation

These and many other benefits of drinking green juice are primarily related to one ingredient called chlorophyll.

Benefits of chlorophyll
Benefits of chlorophyll


In summary, what kind of juices we will drink depends on us. Just get the right device to choose your favourite ingredients and you are good to go. We are only limited by our imagination and maintaining taste qualities. Because it would be a pity to be forced to pour out the precious nutrients by too much mixing of flavours.

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