Rhodiola Rosea – the top 10 most important health benefits !

The most important health benefits of rose root are the ability to raise energy levels, strengthen the immune system, relieve depression, support the nervous system, strengthen cognitive functions, help in losing kilograms and improve libido.

Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea)

There are many names for this versatile and globally available herb golden root, arctic root or king's crown, but all describe the same flowering plant. Usually, you can find this small, strong perennial perennial in cool regions such as Siberia, the Arctic and the north of parts of Asia, North America, Europe and Great Britain. You can recognize these plants thanks to the many stems growing from one root, covered with small yellowish-white flowers. This plant is usually overgrown with cliffs and rocky sea regions. Roseroot has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine due to the high concentration of organic compounds such as phenols, alkaloids, flavonoids or quinones.

There has been a lot of research into the root of this plant, because it was there that the highest content of nutrients was found. The roots are especially desirable because they can be dried, powdered and prepared in the form of healthy tea, which has been used for centuries in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. Initially, it became popular because of its impact on stress and anxiety, but further research has also proven many other health problems that can be treated using this universal herb. Mountain rosea can also be found in many dietary supplements, which are the most popular form of consumption of this plant in Western cultures. We will now take a closer look at the health benefits of receiving the mountain rosary.

Stress reduction

The calming effect of the Rhodiola Rosea has been known for thousands of years. Starting from the stress resulting from rural life in China to the depressing weather in Siberia, this plant has calmed people for generations. The chemical components contained in the root can affect the hormone levels in the body and cause relaxation.


One of the side effects of the Rhodiola Rosea is the increase in energy, and for those who suffer from depression caused by fatigue, this herbal method can be beneficial. For people who use alternative medicine solutions for depression symptoms, mountain rossette extract can be extremely effective. Some organic compounds in this extremely available plant are considered adaptogenic, which means that it can really have a long-lasting effect on our hormonal and metabolic state. In other words, instead of relieving certain forms of depression and chronic stress, the Aaron's rod can really heal them! Proven effectiveness of Rhodiola Rosea led to the fact that it is combined with many antidepressants available on the market, and the effects have been very encouraging so far.

Cognitive abilities

The above two advantages certainly affect the brain and the level of hormones that affect the mood, but the real health of the brain is another important issue in modern medicine. Studies have shown that mountain rosacea can affect many aspects of cognitive health, such as memory or concentration. For an aging population suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease, mountain rosin tea can become an everyday therapy that will support cognitive abilities and memory, allowing us to keep our ability intact for longer.

Losing weight

Recent research has shown that taking Rhodiola extracts and drinking teas can be very effective in struggling for weight loss. The release of body fat is one of the key elements of losing pounds and while scientists were looking for a natural product containing essential enzymes that have such a capacity, the mountain rosary has been under their noses for all this time. Essentially, the mountain rosary accelerates the burning of fat in the body, and when combined with physical exercise, it can significantly accelerate the effects of weight loss.

Increased energy

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Some active compounds found in the Rhodiola are directly linked to better metabolism and stimulation of better blood and oxygen circulation in the body. When the systems of organs in the body get more oxygen, they function more effectively, and especially the muscles, nerve cells and brain benefit the most from this injection of oxygen! Professional athletes in Asia and Russia have always relied on the mountain rosary as a safe and legal means of adding energy.

A healthy heart

Some of the most dangerous substances for our body are already there - they are stress hormones. By reducing the amount of corticosteroids and catecholamines released by the body, we are able to reduce the impact of these hormones on our entire body, including the heart. Excess stress hormones can cause elevated blood pressure, heart disease and dangerous levels of potassium. The research also showed that the mountain rosary is able to regulate the heartbeat and eliminates arrhythmia and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke or stroke.

Cancer prophylaxis

By increasing the natural immunity of the body to toxins, combined with the high concentration of antioxidants found in the roots of the mountain rosary, this plant has been closely associated with the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer. Antineoplastic activity is just as important as the antioxidant effect, and this plant can boast of both these traits. Research on the extent of cancer that can be affected by mountain rosacea is still ongoing, but early results are very promising, especially when it comes to bladder cancer.

The immune system

In addition to all the impressive benefits of receiving the mountain rosary, it also has a positive effect on the immune system. This plant stimulates the production of NK cells in the stomach and spleen, thanks to which it improves the immune response and restores homeostasis in the body.

Sexual health

The Golden Root, both in the past and nowadays, is prescribed for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It can affect fertility, greater libido and overall improvement in sexual life, which brings its own psychological, emotional and physical health benefits.

A word of warning 

Side effects resulting from mountain rosacea are rather rare, but when they appear, they are usually mild and include insomnia, irritability, tightness in the chest and elevated blood pressure. As usual, before introducing a new supplement, you should consult a specialist and remember to buy a herbal supplement from a trusted source.


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