Rocket Fuel V.1 – burner full of energy!

Some time ago there was a new post on the official Hades’s Hegemony website, about a new fat burner. The brand offers a product named “Rocket Fuel V.1!

Hades's Hegemony has accustomed us to uncompromising solutions. SARMSs and Yohimbine have very good reviews. The following products also received warmth from Liver & Tudca, ATD Plus and Alphamind - a very effective fat burner.

Back to Rocket Fuel V.1, apart from graphic design, we also know the composition, which suggests that it will not be another "lit" burner, which is full on the market...

Cocoa Seed Extract & Phenylethylamines - Cocoa Seed Extract is rich in Teobromine, which in combination with caffeine (in this case caffeine anhydrous) helps to increase cAMP levels. Increasing cAMP nucleotides helps to burn fat! Phenylethylamine increases the concentration of dopamine and noradrenaline, causing euphoria and a significant increase in energy.

Geranamine (geranium, dmaa) - a substance that does not need to be explained to anyone. If you are interested in how it works check out our previous post. Rocket Fuel V.1 uses both thermogenic, nerve-stimulating and gerenium-induced appetite suppression.

Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine) - safer equivalent of Ephedrine, one of the most effective ingredients of fat burners, perfectly stimulates thermogenesis and accelerates lipolysis.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract - standardized on rauwolscine, substances that interfere with the cholinergic system. Raises the level of adrenaline, stimulates the body to function and intensifies lipolysis. Promotes the burning of pre-stored fat in body regions rich in α2-adrenergic receptors, mainly the lower abdomen and hips.

We are very interested in Rocket Fuel V.1. If the manufacturer takes care of the right amount of ingredients, this product can stir up the market of fat burners!

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