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See which supplements you should take, to make your exercise results be even better!

The key to a slim figure and good mood is not just regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet, but also supplementation. See which ones are worth taking to enjoy a healthy and good form!


They support the battle with free radicals, slow down the aging process and defend us from developing diseases. It’s worth including them in everyday diet, to enjoy a radiant skin and youthful appearance. Used regularly, it will cleanse the body and support the protection against oxidative stress. Thanks to them, we will gain energy and better mood. They are also recommended for people who exercise - they facilitate muscle recovery.

Recommended Antioxidants - Apollos Hegemony Resveratrol Plus

What are antioxidants guarding us against!
What are antioxidants guarding us against!

Omega-3 fatty acid

Scientific studies proved, that the amount of omega-3 fatty acids consumed by us can affect the aging process. In addition to that, they conduct nerve impulses and improves memory functions - the right amount of omega-3 acid in our diet facilitates storing information. It also positively affects the mood and improves the body’s immunity.

Recommended Omega 3 fatty acids supplement - Apollos Hegemony Fish Oil

Omega 3 will not only boost your training efforts! There are plenty benefits of using Omega 3 fatty acids supplement
Omega 3 will not only boost your training efforts! There are plenty benefits of using Omega 3 fatty acids supplement

Protein supplement

Protein does not only help effectively control the body weight, but it’s also the basic muscle builder. A protein supplement will also ensure protection of muscle fibres and rebuilding the damaged ones. People that want to lose weight should also remember it. It effectively turns up metabolism and supports fat tissue burning. In addition to that, it ensures a feeling of fullness, so you do not snacking between meals and have no desire for unhealthy snacks.

Recommended protein supplement - MZ Store Whey Protein (WPI+WPC)

BCAA Amino Acids

They support the building of muscle mass and prevent muscle catabolism - or breakdown of muscle proteins, which can cause the inability to build up muscles. BCAA amino acids can be taken in liquid form, as well as tablets - this supplement quickly spreads throughout the body, preventing catabolism, and at the same time helping burn fat. It’s worth remembering that this supplement is best taken right after waking up.

Recommended BCAA - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off the Chain


L-glutamine is an amino acid that our body can produce on its own, but it also absorbs it from the food. Additionally replenished in quantities of 3 to 6 grams per day results in faster rebuilding of muscle fibres, after they suffer microtrauma during training, thereby accelerating their regeneration. This supplement additionally increases the immunity to the so called immunological barrier - it’s extremely important during autumn-winter time and during heavy training and athletic periods, when we get tired quicker.

Recommended L-Glutamine  - Olimp Glutamine Xplode

A set of vitamins strengthening hair, skin and nails

Every day it’s worth reaching for dietary supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails, which contents include herbal extracts and vitamins such as: A, E, C, D, B6, B12, riboflavin, folic acid, copper, and zinc. These supplements help cover the basic needs of the body for essential micronutrients. It’s especially important for people who exercise regularly or are trying to lose weight.

Recommended vitamins and minerals complex - Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin Plus

All above supplements can be taken together for even more boosted effects of them!
All above supplements can be taken together for even more boosted effects of them!

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