Skin regeneration after the winter

The spring period has begun, and we are increasingly showing the more of our bodies. However, sometimes we are not satisfied with our appearance. The cause of the poor condition of the skin is winter - wearing thick sweaters, improper at this time of year, a large temperature difference between outdoor air and heated indoors. All of this weakens the natural protective mechanisms of the skin and damages its lipid protective layer, which in result makes it dry and flabby. Regeneration of the skin after winter is necessary to restore its beautiful appearance. Fortunately, we have some tips to do it!

Skin regeneration after winter

Look critically at your skin and write down its shortcomings that you need to take care of. Skin regeneration after winter should start at the observations. If the skin is dry, lack of shine and elasticity or cellulite appeared on it, you need to take matters into your own hands and start to take care of yourself regularly. Thanks to this, you will definitely achieve success and get rid of dry, inelastic skin without radiance!

When planning a regeneration strategy, you must know that the effects will not appear immediately. Skin regeneration after the winter period is a process, not the single action, so you need about 4-5 weeks to get the effect of regular care. Before you can moisturize your skin, you must first peel it off to get rid of the old skin layer. Therefore, use exfoliating gels regularly.

Once or twice a week, use coarse peeling for the whole body, avoiding the bust skin. To moisturize the skin, use nutritional balms that contain vitamins such as A, C, E and d-panthenol. Thanks to such substances, your skin will be elastic, regenerated, and also, free radicals will not be formed on it. A very effective ingredient will be sea algae, which will rebuild the epidermis, strengthen the walls of vessels in the skin and improve its tone.

Your cosmetics must also contain silk proteins, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These substances will stay on the skin for a long time and attract moisture from the air. Other skincare cosmetics should also be oils, in particular coconut, argan and macadamia oils, which moisturize the skin and provide many vitamins and valuable fatty acids to it.

Cellulite after winter usually appears due to increased sedentary lifestyle, less physical activity and by gaining a few kilos on the weight. If you noticed an orange skin on your body, you must immediately start fighting with it. Be patient, because fighting cellulite is a very difficult and cost-investing process. Try shower gels, scrubs, creams and anti-cellulite serum. The substances contained in these cosmetics increase skin temperature, facilitate the breakdown of fat cells, stimulate collagen and elastin production. For faster results, you should massage the place where cellulite is located. You can do it in the shower with a massage glove.

An idea for Korean Skincare Routine
An idea for Korean Skincare Routine

Home remedies for skin regeneration after winter

There are many easy ways to ensure proper skin care. Begin skin moisturizing treatment with a warm bath with the addition of oils. An effective way to moisturize your skin is to add yoghurt or milk to the bath. They also contain amino acids that will moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Facial skincare is also important. The mask prepared with the use of the fresh bananas makes your skin more elastic. To make it, crush a ripe banana, mix it with almond oil and apply a thick layer of the mask on your face. For a better effect, cover your face with a hot compress. Hold the mask on your face for about 40 minutes.

If you have over-dried elbows after winter, try a different home care method. First, make a mix of fresh lemon juice and a little olive oil. Put the ready mix on the peeling glove and start wiping the elbows.

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