Steam cooking – the healthiest way to prepare food


Steam cooking is the healthiest way to prepare food. During traditional cooking, some valuable nutrients pass into the water we pour out. Steaming allows you to keep maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Steam cooking - what is it actually?

It is estimated that during traditional cooking, losses of vitamins and minerals reach an average of 40 per cent. The most susceptible to destruction are water-soluble vitamins - C (prolonged cooking destroys up to 70% of this vitamin) and group B vitamins. Water also takes up some fat-soluble vitamins A and E. Vitamin losses occur even during short cooking, i.e. blanching. ! When you steam, do not add any source of fat, and do not add salt (if at all, minimally), because steam extracts the salt contained in the products.

Steam cooking - what can you cook with steam?

When steaming, the temperature reaches up to 120 ° C (in water 100 ° C), so the dishes are ready quickly. The vegetables are especially easy to boil, and then they become distasteful. Cooked al dente, they retain their beautiful colour, are firm and have a distinct taste. You can steam all vegetables, even leafy, e.g. spinach. Potatoes sprinkled with herbs, broccoli and cauliflower gain a lot in taste.

We do not recommend tomatoes because they lose their taste. This way you can also cook portions of meat - preferably delicate species (poultry and veal). Fish also go great on steaming. Before cooking, sprinkle them with lemon juice. Remember to cut the meat and fish into equal size before cooking. Steamed fish and meat are more digestible and less fatty than fried or roasted counterparts. Water vapour perfectly brings out the taste of rice, especially its noblest aromatic varieties - basmati and jasmine. Steaming is also a traditional way of making couscous.

Steam cooking - how to season dishes

We do not salt the products before cooking, because they are easy to over-salt. It is better to salt them on the plate. Do not regret the herbs, fresh or dried. For taste, you can put a few sprigs of fresh herbs in the water. When you cook fish for a special occasion, you can mix the water half and half with white dry wine.

Steam cooking - steam cooking equipment

For beginners, the best are the metal inserts for steaming. Their diameter can be adjusted to the size of the pot. Bamboo baskets are intended for oriental dishes (but not only). They can be stacked on top of each other - cook meat downstairs, e.g. rice above. A special steam cooker is convenient to use - it has a perforated insert on which the products are laid.

For those on a busy journey we recommend a steamer. This electrical device saves a lot of time because it allows you to cook several dishes at the same time meat, fish, vegetables. In addition to saving time, convenience counts, nothing boils or burns, and the automatic timer allows you to set the cooking time exactly. Some steamers have a temperature maintenance system after cooking, as well as a timer that allows you to turn it on at a specific time.

You can also stream in a pressure cooker, combi oven and microwave with the Steam Cooking function. Such ovens have a special two-part dish. Pour water into the lower part, put products in the upper part. For advanced supporters of light cuisine, a steam oven is a great solution. It allows you to cook several dishes at the same time - they are set at different levels.

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