Stop biting your nails!

Nail-biting is often caused by neurosis, which is why it’s so difficult to get rid of this habit. People who bite their nails often cannot unlearn this because it becomes an uncontrolled behaviour. Before starting the fight against biting nails, buying bitter varnish or chewing gum instead of nails, you need to recognize in which situations you bite your nails. And you should know how to avoid them!

Replacement for bitten nails

Think about biting your nails when you’re bored or when you are stressed? Is it at work, in the cinema or in the car? Determine the exact moment of nail-biting and always remember about it. When you realize under what circumstances you bite your nails, you’ll know what situations to avoid and when to be especially careful.

Nail-biting is also often caused by the urge to bite something when you are at work or when you are stressed. Therefore, always have something with you that could replace your nails. It can be chewing gum, as well as dried or fresh fruit, pumpkin or sunflower seeds or nuts.

Nail care

Do you look at your hands and nails and see that they are in a disastrous state after biting them for years? Are they thin, brittle and split? Biting nails left their mark on their condition. Think about another aspect at the moment - it’s possible that this will motivate you to stop biting your nails. When you meet a new person, reach out to them and say hello, then most often there is a moment of assessment, so what do a person who has neglected hands and bitten nails think? You can’t let biting your nails spoil the impression you make on others.

If you take care of your nails, you’ll have a chance for a good first impression when meeting new people. To take care of your nails you will need a strongly moisturizing cosmetic. It’s best to go to a beautician who will make a hybrid or gel care on your nails. Yes, you will have to spend money on it, but maybe it will motivate you to keep beautiful and well-groomed nails.

No more biting!

You have to finish biting your nails at 100 percent, absolutely. Not at 90 or 50 percent. Don’t tell yourself that if you bite your nails once a week, nothing will happen. As stated above, always carry a small toolbox with tools to improve your nails look, chewing gum and snacks. You must constantly remember that you want to stop biting your nails because you want to take care of yourself - have beautiful hands that will attract positive attention!

You must remember that the beginnings of everything are difficult, so you will have a reflex that will lead your hand towards the mouth. And this is the time to say STOP. You must be aware of your decision and stick to it. Remember that if you manage to take care of it, you will free yourself from that bad habit, and the reward will be beautiful and healthy nails. Nothing is impossible!

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