Vitamins for her and for him – does it matter?

Everyone probably saw many advertisements that spoke about special vitamins for one of the sexes. And there is the "perfect calcium" for ladies, and there is the "perfect magnesium" for men. Let us not kid ourselves, most of the vitamins and minerals can be accepted by all of us and sex is irrelevant. Without hesitation, you can reach and devour the vitamins of your partner, and your body will not notice the difference. However, there are two important details to keep in mind.

Vitamin and minerals formulations - basic information

First of all, the organisms of women and men require different amounts of individual macro and micronutrients. It's worth taking a look at vitamin labels, because it may turn out that their content is dedicated to a specific sex. Then you had to reach for the right product, because too long supplementation with the wrong multivitamins preparation can lead to a shortage of some and excess of other vitamins. Secondly, other minerals and vitamins are crucial for our bodies. And here, in fact, we have a significant difference. Because over time men suffer from other shortages than women.

What does a women need?

The most important three women's supplements are iron, folic acid (in the case of MTHFR mutation - folate) and calcium. An absolute top of nutrients to supplement in the women's diet. Let's start with a nod to metal music fans. Iron deficiency is something that must not be ignored because it leads to anemia. This, in turn, causes headaches, states of constant fatigue and overall weakness. We can lead to iron deficiency through a bad diet, but it is also affected by the loss of menstrual blood.

Do not forget about pregnancy!

A small man growing up in his mother's belly pulls iron from blood to "power" itself. As you can see, iron supplements are useful for women of all ages and in all conditions. Calcium deficiency occurs over the years, so at first we do not have to worry about it that much. With time, the amount of estrogen in the body drops, and this is unfortunately associated with the inexorable approaching menopause. A smaller amount of the female hormone weakens bones, which in turn may lead to osteoporosis. To prevent this, take care of the right amount of calcium. This will help strengthen the bones and give away the spectrum of the disease. After the menopause, many women are thriving enjoying their second youth, nobody is flourishing with raging osteoporosis. And finally, the necessary remedy for pregnant women - folic acid.

Why is it necessary?

Because it reduces the likelihood of birth defects. In other words, folic acid should become the greatest friend of every woman who has learned that she carries a developing life under her heart.

What does a men need?

Beer, match and comfortable couch. And in this mode of life also a heart attack before the age of forty. Vitamin A, chromium, vitamin D3 and lycopene will be necessary for those who plan to live longer. Men are said to be visuals.

If this is true, you should look after your eyes as best as you can. And vitamin A is responsible for it. We do not save our eyes. Poor lighting, pounding in front of the computer and the usual passage of time make our eyes worse. Vitamin A is essential for our senses to work as long and as good as possible. Unfortunately, it is not in sufficient concentration in fruits and vegetables, that's why it will be necessary to supplement with a complex of vitamins with the right amount of vitamin A. Lycopene takes care of it for the male heart. Research shows that the most important pump of our body is more likely to fail men. Lycopene is a natural (found in tomatoes, red fruits and vegetables) antioxidant that protects our heart and supports them in the fight against numerous cardiological diseases. Do you want to have a healthy and strong heart? Lycopene should become a permanent diet supplement. Well, we come to chromium - our defender against type 2 diabetes. Sitting lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to insulin resistance, which can cause type 2 diabetes. Chrome stabilizes the blood sugar level, which distances the spectrum of disease. Of course, the supplement will not do everything for us. For a full effect, you should improve your lifestyle.

It's matter!

In our bodies there are other shortages and needs. Those should be supplemented as indicated, taking preparations dedicated to the other sex is not the best idea. However, it should be remembered that many products on the market are not dedicated to anyone, i.e. they can be used freely by both women and men.

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