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PrenaCare® START for man PrenaCare® START for man 60 caps
14.01 €

PrenaCare® START for man 60 caps

Min. expiration date: 2026-04
Shipping weight: 120g
No gluten
For men
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  • A unique formula created for men who are trying to have a baby
  • The most important vitamins and minerals in active forms
  • Enriched with additives and natural plant extracts
  • The active form of folate - 5-MTHF Quatrefolic®
  • Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin

Aliness PrenaCare® START for men is a dietary supplement designed especially for men trying to conceive a child. It contains a package of vitamins and minerals in highly digestible forms, additionally enriched with coenzyme Q10, amino acids and plant extracts. The product is suitable for people on a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Vitamin and mineral complex

Proper preparation of the body for pregnancy is not only a matter for women. Men planning to expand their family should also make the best use of this time. A healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in valuable vitamins and minerals have a great influence on fertility.

The key micronutrient is zinc, which helps maintain normal fertility and reproductive functions. Another important ingredient is selenium, contributing to the proper course of spermatogenesis. The preparation also contains methylated forms of B vitamins – folate and vitamin B12, which are involved in the proper metabolism of homocysteine and help to reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. In turn, vitamin D supports the work of the immune system, and vitamin E helps protect cells against oxidative stress

The addition of plant extracts and active ingredients

In addition to the set of vitamins and minerals, the product contains natural plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on reproductive function (saw palmetto), fertility and sexual performance (maca root), as well as improving erection and sperm quality (saffron). The entire formula is completed with the addition of coenzyme Q10 and two amino acidsL-arginine and L-carnitine.

To sum up, Aliness PrenaCare® START for men is a multi-component dietary supplement dedicated to future fathers in the period of trying for offspring.

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