Why am I not losing weight?

You want to lose weight, you start to pay attention to what you eat, you decide to move more, and yet the weight is still the same. You do not know what's going on, you start to doubt the meaning of what you do and, as a result, accuse your diet. Do you know that feeling?

Why do not I lose weight?

Over the last months, that's how it looked for me. After pregnancy, I wanted to get back into shape right away, because after the birth my appetite was great and unfortunately I did not eat healthy food. I looked at my diet, my friends' diet and listened to the problems of some readers. This way, a list of crimes against a healthy and slim figure was created

  • Clean week, juicy weekend - the most common approach is eating healthy during the week and sticking to the goals, and then comes the weekend and everything goes down. A party with friends, meeting with family, laziness and promising yourself that we will start from Monday. Unfortunately, if we want to lose weight, we can not make weekend breaks. Sometimes, on such a weekend, we make up for the week, and with interest. It's best to plan something delicious but still healthy for the weekend. And if we happen to cheat, it is worth reducing the calorie content of other meals.
  • I eat healthy, but a lot - we can eat healthy and still not lose weight. Changing eating habits is one thing, but if we eat more calories than our body needs, whether it’s healthy or not, we’ll gain weight. Therefore, it’s important to determine the caloric needs of your body and not go beyond this number.
  • It’s just one piece of chocolate - how many times have you told yourself this when you’ve eaten a small candy? Exactly. Therefore, if you have problems with limiting yourself to one chocolate, and you do not want to end up eating the whole candy bar, it’s best not to keep the sweets at home. Instead, prepare a single serving of some healthy sweets, or share with someone close. I sometimes resort to freezing (eg pumpkin cookies), but they are amazing even right out of the freezer, so this method is not quite good either.
  • I do not have the strength today, I will start tomorrow - I repeat this sentence very often. Especially now, when I have an 8-month-old who sleeps poorly at night and requires more and more attention. However, if we want to be healthy, feel good, lose weight or look good, we have to find time to exercise. It's best to find the optimal time for yourself. If you have such a possibility, try out if you exercise better in the evening or in the morning and find the activity that will please you. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for you to go to training and there is a greater chance that you will not give up.
  • Little in morning, a lot in the evening - many people do not eat breakfast or very little in the morning, then they don’t eat much at work either, but in the evening their hunger takes over and makes up for the whole day. That’s not a good way. If we start with a thick tube and the finish is less abundant, it will be much easier to lose weight and / or control the weight. I know that some of you are not able to eat too much for breakfast. For such people the perfect meal will be a cocktail (eg banana or other fruit, carob / cocoa, vegetable milk and oatmeal). This breakfast "comes" easily and is filling. It’s also worth ensuring that our lunch is nutritious, as are the rest of the meals.
  • Everything is fit - now the market is flooded with fit products that have only a common name with healthy food. Most of the bars, cereals and yogurts are loaded with sugar, glucose-fructose syrup and other unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, first of all, you should read the labels, and then consider whether such a muesli bar will be a better solution than a regular wholemeal bread sandwich with a salad or cocktail, which is prepared in a few minutes.
  • Dry- most of us drink drastically little, and if anything, it’s usually the most sweetened drinks. We do not even realize how many calories you can drink with them. In addition, hunger is often confused with thirst, so before we reach for a snack, it’s worth drinking a glass of water and see if we are really hungry. It's best to stock up on a water bottle or filter bottle and carry water with you all the time. I add lemon juice to the water, then I drink a lot more of it.
  • Spinach is disgusting - do you like vegetables? If the answer is "yes" then you have it much easier. If we want to lose weight and be healthy, we should eat a lot more vegetables than before. They have many vitamins and minerals and are filling. They are also an ideal replacement for unhealthy snacks. Therefore, from now on vegetables should be the basis in every meal

I think that these are the most popular dietary mistakes that we make when we want to lose weight. I can give myself a few points myself, because lately my diet was different. But the most important thing is to make ourselves aware of these mistakes and avoid them for the future.

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