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Galantamine Galantamine 60 caps.
Apollo's Hegemony
27.37 €

Galantamine 60 caps.


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Apollo's Hegemony
29.67 €
  • Support for cognitive functions
  • Affects cholinergic transmission
  • Improves mental processes
  • A beneficial effect on the quality of sleep
  • Better memory and concentration
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Apollo’s Hegemony Galantamine is a dietary supplement containing galantamine, which is a curative substance of natural origin with a beneficial effect on cognitive functions.

Galantamine is an isoquinoline alkaloid originally isolated from snowdrop bulbs, e.g. Galanthus caucasicus and Galanthus woronowii. It is a very thoroughly studied compound that has undergone many randomized clinical trials. In many countries, galantamine is registered as a drug used in neurodegenerative diseases, to relieve the symptoms of dementia syndrome, among others, in Alzheimer's disease, as well as in neuromuscular and spinal cord diseases.

The mechanism of action of galantamine
Galantamine is a reversible inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and a modulator of nicotinic receptor. By inhibiting AChE, an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, galantamine leads to an increase in the activity and concentration of this neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft. Thus, it increases the activity of the cholinergic system, the low activity of which is often observed in the course of many neurodegenerative diseases. As a nicotinic receptor modulator, galantamine directly stimulates these receptors, leading to a greater release of acetylcholine.

Pro-cognitive action
In people with dementia and neurodegenerative disorders, galantamine improves cognitive functions, including memory and learning abilities. It is a compound with nootropic properties, increasing the level of acetylcholine in the relevant brain structures. This neurotransmitter plays an important role in the proper formation of memory traces and affects motivation, mindfulness and concentration. Therefore, the action of the majority of preparations used to improve mental performance is based on enhancing the activity of the cholinergic system.

Improving the quality of sleep and sharpening dreams
Galantamine may support the proper quality of sleep. Studies have shown that in patients with dementia, galantamine resulted in an increased depth of sleep. It may have a relaxant and stress-relieving effect, which additionally facilitates falling asleep. Sleep plays a huge role in the proper formation of memory, well-being and the ability to learn. In addition, galantamine, especially taken in the evening, increases the acuity, length and memorizing dreams. It is also popular as a means to induce conscious sleep.

In summary, Apollo’s Hegemony Galantamine is a preparation especially recommended to improve cognitive functions, improve mental processes, in memory disorders (especially those related to age), in various types of dementia following consultation with a doctor, as well as to improve the quality of sleep and increase the intensity of dreams.

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