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TCM Mega Caps 1100 TCM Mega Caps 1100 30 caps.
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TCM Mega Caps 1100

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  • Comfortable capsule form does not require dissolving them in water
  • Enhances anabolic processes and prevents muscle degradation
  • Improves sports achievements and speeds up regeneration
  • Ensures access to energetic substrates
  • Provides energy and motivation to hard training
  • Increases muscle endurance during training
  • Ensures quicker development of muscle mass
  • Is absorbed quickly and efficiently

Olimp TCM Mega Caps 1100 is a dietary supplement providing top-quality tricreatine malate in capsules containing its solid dose. Tricreatine malate (TCM) boostss muscle performance during training very effectively, increasing its intensity. Thanks to the adopted form of capsules, this product is extremely convenient to use, because it does not require dissolving in water.

Creatine malate is a compound of malic acid and creatine. This combination provides very good solubility in our digestive tract, probably much better than other available forms of creatine. For this reason, it is perfectly absorbed, because only dissolved creatine can be absorbed into our bloodstream and from there penetrate into the skeletal muscles, where it fulfils its functions.

In addition, malic acid released from this compound may enter the Krebs cycle, leading to the formation of additional ATP molecules (energy) and intermediates entering later on the respiratory chain.

Creatine increases energy production
Creatine is a compound that has the ability to combine with phosphoric acid residues (phosphate groups) to form phosphocreatine. The more creatine is present in the muscles, the more phosphate groups it can attach and provide storage for. They are then detached and used to react with adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to produce ATP - a compound that serves as an energy source for the cell.

During intensive physical exertion, the energy demand increases. In terms of proper muscle function, energy in the form of high-energy bonds occurring between phosphate residues in ATP is consumed, among others for contraction of muscle fibres or protein biosynthesis, e.g. myosin and actin.

Creatine supplementation is therefore associated with a greater supply of energy substrates in muscle cells and the possibility of their rapid use in the event of an increase in the energy needs of the cell. Such a situation takes place during intensive training, in which case, thanks to taking creatine, we are able to do more repetitions. This translates into better results and faster achievement of the intended training goals.

Powerful anabolic support
Creatine causes an increased synthesis of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, which has a strong anabolic effect and causes much faster muscle built-up. Research has revealed even more than 30% advantage over individuals not taking creatine. In addition, anabolic action supports not only faster muscle development, but also enhances the regeneration of muscle microdamages after hard training.

It is worth mentioning that the visual increase in muscles, or actually the increase in muscle volume, is also caused to a certain extent by water retention related to taking creatine. You can easily get rid of it going on a reduction diet, while for those who start their adventure with the gym or who want quick visible effects of their workouts, it is a positive aspect.

Anti-catabolic effect of creatine
Apart from enhancing anabolic processes, creatine also has the anti-catabolic action. This means that to a certain extent it prevents the degradation of muscles, which may be caused, for example, by insufficient supply of protein, glutamine or insufficient time for regeneration.

Muscle catabolism can be reduced by ensuring proper regeneration, nutrition or supplementation with creatine preparations.

To sum up, Olimp TCM Mega Caps 1100 is creatine malate in convenient capsules. This product provides comprehensive support in muscle building, favourably affecting anabolic processes and inhibiting catabolism.

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