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Groundnuts paste with carmel & Himalayan salt Groundnuts paste with carmel & Himalayan salt 500g
4.14 €

Groundnuts paste with carmel & Himalayan salt 500g

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Shipping weight: 650g
No gluten
4.14 € With VAT
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  • The perfect variety to any dietary menu
  • A healthy replacement for popular spreads
  • No palm oil or trans fats
  • A wealth of vitamins and microelements
  • Excellent consistency
  • No added sugar

MZ-STORE Peanut paste with caramel and Himalayan salt is a great alternative to pastes and stalls popular on the market, which not only diversifies the monotony of the diet, but also provides a number of health-promoting substances.

Many people, wanting to lose unnecessary kilograms, remove from their menu almost all products containing a large dose of fat. This is not right, because some of the sources of this macronutrient are necessary to maintain good health and can help you pursue your dream figure. One of them is just the nut paste offered.

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I haven't eaten any better peanut butter ... heaven in my mouth! ❤️
04/07/2021 Iza

The vast majority of creams available on the market, presented as healthy food additives, have nothing to do with their advertising slogans. A large addition of sugar or palm oil in the long run contributes to the development of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Growing public awareness forces producers to adapt to their health-oriented consumer needs. Peanut paste has been deprived of these ingredients. In return, it has a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which, contrary to the palm oil, have a positive effect on the condition of the heart and vessels.

It is worth adding that peanuts are a real wealth of biologically active compounds. They include, above all, a number of vitamins (from groups B, C and E), as well as microelements, which, together with numerous antioxidants, additionally emphasize the health-promoting qualities of the product.

The taste is perfectly emphasized by Himalayan salt, which differs from table salt in the degree of purification. Less processing means less elements removed, hence the large amount of magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, iodine or manganese is not surprising.

To sum up, MZ-STORE Peanut paste with caramel and Himalayan salt is a proposal for anyone who wants to slightly enrich their menu with a delicious, yet healthy addition.

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