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Chela-Ferr Forte Chela-Ferr Forte 30 caps.
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Chela-Ferr Forte 30 caps.

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For women
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  • Iron in the form of an amino acid chelate enriched with vitamins
  • Participates in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells
  • Supports normal energy metabolism
  • Easy on the gastrointestinal tract
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness
  • Unique blend of ingredients
  • Able to prevent anaemia

Olimp Chela-Ferr Forte is a dietary supplement containing iron in an innovative form of amino acid chelate Albion® (iron diglycinate). Additionally, each capsule contains a vitamin complex: C, B6, B12, and folic acid. The preparation helps to supplement iron deficiency in the body. It also supports haematopoietic processes, thanks to which it can serve as an aid in anaemia treatment.

Iron is a crucial element in the human body. Its deficiency is one of the most common dietary problems in the world. People suffering from it can develop anaemia and experience lower blood flow in tissues, which can have long-term negative consequences, such as increased fatigue or decreased cognitive functions.

Iron is naturally present in a multitude of food products of both plant (cereal, legumes, spinach, kale) and animal origin (beef, poultry, lamb, eggs, liver). However, different forms are characterised by different bioavailability: iron of plant origin is less assimilable than that of animal origin.

The function of iron in the body is mainly associated with the production of blood. It can bind porphyrin, forming haem, which allows oxygen transport. Proteins with a haem group are called haem proteins and their abundance can be found in red blood cells. That is why the supply of iron with food is essential for erythrocytes to be able to transports iron to tissues. Moreover, iron is a cofactor of many enzymes.

Iron deficiency leads to anaemia, whose first symptoms are pale skin and fatigue, and in the long term it can cause deterioration of cognitive functions, lower physical capacity, or kidney problems. Women need more iron supply before and during menstruation as well as when they are pregnant of breastfeed. Apart from that, both men and women should increase iron intake before and during heavy physical activity.

Benefits of using iron in the form of chelate
Iron contained in this preparation has a unique form. Years of research have brought results that allowed to determine which form of iron is the most assimilable. It is the amino acid chelate: iron diglycinate. Its structure has been scientifically confirmed by the patented method FT-IR TRAACS®. Thanks to that structure, it is absorbed better in the gastrointestinal tract. It exhibits higher affinity to transporter proteins on the intestinal villi, which results in its faster distribution around the body and transport to target cells.

In addition, iron in the form of chelate is safer and causes fewer side effects as compared to traditional forms of supplementation of the element. The iron Albion® contained in the preparation was positively assessed by the European Food Safety Authority and is GRAS-certified; it is also 100% hypoallergenic. It is particularly important for individuals suffering from food intolerances.

Folic acid is a vitamin with a special function especially in pregnant women, as it supports the correct development of the neural tube in foetuses. Apart from that, it participates in the synthesis of DNA elements, purines and pyrimidines, that way affecting every cell of the human body. What is more, it supports iron in the process of haematopoiesis. It also takes part in the transformations of phospholipids and amino acids. Its deficiency is common in, for example, frequent coffee and alcohol drinkers and people suffering from a lot of stress. Its reserves can be depleted by an improper diet as well.

Vitamin C increases the assimilability of iron and supports it in the production of red blood cells, which reduces the risk of developing anaemia. Because ascorbic acid has a positive effect on iron absorption, it allows to reduce the intake of the element, which helps to avoid the negative effects, such as its overdose or excessive amounts in the body. That way, the product provides as much iron as needed and as the organism is actually able to utilise.

Vitamin B6 is crucial for the right functioning of the body. It has a cardioprotective effect, affects blood pressure, and the strength and speed of the heartbeat. An additional benefit of using it is better immunity. Vitamin B6 also affects the production of haemoglobin, the oxygen-transporting protein in blood. The absorption of vitamin B6 increases when taken with a high-protein meal.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Along with vitamin B6 and folic acid, it supports the removal of homocysteine from the system. Excessive amounts of the compound are a risk factor of atherosclerotic plaque development. Therefore, one could say that vitamin B12 prevents cardiac arrests and brain strokes. It is also essential for the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

In summary, Olimp Chela-Ferr Forte is a dietary supplement with a complex composition. The combination of iron in an innovative form with vitamins makes them work more efficiently than if they were supplemented separately. It is recommended not only for pregnant and breastfeeding women, but also for physically active people, blood donors, and vegetarians to increase iron levels in the body.

Directions for use
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Container size: 30 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 30
per 1 capsuleamount%RDA
Iron (ferrous bisglycinate)28 mg200%
Folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid)400 µg200%
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)40 mg50%
Vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine hydrochloride)1.4 mg100%
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)2.5 µg100%

Other ingrednients

Bulking agent – microcrystalline cellulose; maltodextrin, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids; capsule (gelatin, colours: titanium dioxide).

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The iron part of the dye in the form of the heme (hemoglobin and myoglobin in meat), a non-haem (in plant), and enzymes responsible for transport and storage of oxygen in the body. It occurs in enzymes responsible for: the metabolism of fatty acids, prostaglandin biosynthesis, catabolism of tryptophan. The absorption of iron in plant is lower than in animal products. In plant foods, it is reduced by contained chemicals: phytates and oxalates, also calcium and high acidity (pH factor). Only 8% of the intake of iron is absorbed by the body and transported to the blood. For tts absorption is needed sufficient amount of: cobalt, manganese, copper and vitamin C. Iron itself is essential for the metabolism of B vitamins. Source of acquisition of iron are animal products (meat, organ meats, egg yolks) and plant products (whole grain bread, beans , cocoa, parsley, nuts, soy). Iron is also present in synthetic form as a component of vitamin-mineral and mineral and mono-preparation supplements, often enriched with vitamin C. Supplements containing iron compounds are recommended for athletes during intense training and those on a meatless diet (vegetarians and vegans).
Iron deficiency causes anaemia. Using a large amount of strong coffee or tea hinders the absorption of iron. Symptoms of iron deficiency are: insomnia, diarrhea, impaired body temperature, loss of papillae on the tongue, reduced exercise capacity, and reduced intellectual and psychological efficiency.
Excess iron reduces the absorption of other elements (e.g. zinc, copper), reduced immunity, causing tissue damage of some organs (kidney, liver, heart), increased risk of cancer.
Dosage: 3-12 mg per day.


Folic acid


Folic acid - also known as vitamin B9, is a synthetic form of naturally occurring folates. It needs to be transformed to folates in order to be biologically active also in the human organism. Therefore, its supplementation is recommended to people who do not have problems with methylation processes.

The majority of people associate folic acid with the period of pregnancy. It is definitely a justified association. Proper supply of vitamin B9 conditions correct development of the fetus and prevents disorders of neural tube defects in a baby.

Supplementation with folic acid also demonstrates positive influence on the functions of the nervous system of adults. Some sources say that it is conducive to maintaining beneficial emotional states. Moreover, folic acid takes part in the process of erythropoiesis, thanks to which it enables efficient production of red cells.

Supplementation with folic acid should be also considered by men who deal with low sperm quality. It was proven that complementing the level of vitamin B9 is conducive to increasing reproductive abilities of men.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) it is a vitamin soluble in body fluids, can be taken from foods (fruits and vegetables), or as drug derived synthetically. The largest of its resources can be found in broccoli, Brussels sprout, kale, black currant fruit and hawthorn, citrus fruits, tomatoes, Savoy cabbage, potatoes. In fact, intake of vitamin C of the food products does not limit the absorbed quantity. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a potent antioxidant, it is an antitoxic, increasing the immune system due to the elimination of risk of bacterial contamination. Vitamin C prevents rupture of blood vessels, affects the blood cholesterol level. It substantially increases the absorption of iron. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Lowers stress levels.
Vitamin C deficiency causes abnormal development of connective tissue, cracking capillaries, abnormal calcification of bone tissue, impaired
absorption of iron, scorbutus. With the lack of vitamin C, all kinds of injuries do not heal up properly. Vitamin C deficiency can be caused by smoking; each cigarette is destroying up to 100 mg of vitamin C.
Dosage: The demand is 60-80 mg daily. It does not limit the ability to consume higher doses. Some side effects may occur only with longer
taking of synthetic vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid


Ascorbic acid – vitamin C. Its biologically active form is the L-isomer, which negatively rotates the polarised light, so that it is a dextroisomer (laevorotatory vitamin C does not exist). It is a strong antioxidant; it reduces the amounts of free radicals, which reduces oxidative stress, a factor leading to cell apoptosis, which is why it is indicated to be a cause for premature ageing.

It supports the immune system functions and increases body system immunity. It is an essential element of the collagen synthesis path, which is why it positively affects the condition of connective tissue. Hence, it promotes also wound healing and increases the durability of capillary vessel. It is involved in transformations of tyrosine and carnitine as well as of some nutrients, so that it affects metabolism. It can also have an impact on the nervous system functions, as it reduces mental fatigue.

Higher supply of vitamin C is especially recommended in the periods of more intensive body system burden, after infections and in order to accelerate regeneration. The indications for increased supply of the vitamin are also hard physical work or intensive trainings.

Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine) is soluble in the liquid. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of fat in the blood do not enable deposition of the body. It helps the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12 (cobalamin). It works on the muscle antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory pain in the joints. It acts anti. It provides efficient operation of the brain. It increases energy increasing vigor of a man. The demand for vitamin B6 increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding infants. The natural product is: yeast, eggs, wheat germ, meat (liver), wheat bran, nuts, peanuts peanuts, soybeans. There is a hypothesis that can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria.
Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes abnormal metabolism of proteins, decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue intensifies.
Dosage: 1.5-2.5 mg daily (increased demand during pregnancy and lactation).


Pyridoxine hydrochloride


What is pyridoxine hydrochloride?

Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a basic, the most commonly used form of vitamin B6 in supplements and fortified foods. It is a vitamin soluble in water. It converts to the active form of the vitamin - pyridoxal phosphate.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions. It takes part in the production of many neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin and catecholamines and it takes part in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. It is an important factor for the process of the creation of red cells and hemoglobin and its deficit may be one of the factors causing anemia. This vitamin contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism and is important for maintaining well-being and good psychological condition. Its presence supports the breakdown of pro-inflammatory homocysteine to cysteine and further metabolites, thanks to which it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiological incidents.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride may be found in many vitamin B complexes and vitamin-mineral preparations available in the offer of

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)


Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, cyanocobalamin) is a vitamin soluble in liquids. Participates in the production of red blood cells and is essential in the absorption of iron by the body. It calming effect, a positive effect on concentration and memory. Intensifies its action in cooperation with folic acid (vitamin M). Usually occurs in animal products, fish and dairy products. It contains trace elements.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to pernicious anaemia, general and immunity weakness, inhibiting of growth and damage to the myelin sheath of nerves.




What is cyanocobalamin?

Cyanocobalamin is a basic, the most commonly met form of vitamin B12 in vitamin B complexes and multivitamins available on the market.

Vitamin B12 is the most known for its influence on neurology. It takes part in building and regenerating myelin sheaths of neurons, thanks to which it contributes to the protection of the nervous system against damages. Because of the ability to increase the level of S-Adenosyl methionine, vitamin B12 may contribute to more efficient synthesis of many neurotransmitters, thanks to which it positively influences well-being and psychical condition.

This vitamin is also engaged in the process of blood production and its deficiencies contribute to the creation of megaloblastic anemia. Its deficits may also concern vegetarians and vegans, elderly people, people with absorption disorders and those using drugs neutralizing gastric acid.

Cyanocobalamin is included in the composition of many complex vitamin supplements that may be found in the offer of

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