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Zero Sauce Zero Sauce 350 ml
Biotech Usa
4.69 €

Zero Sauce 350 ml

Min. expiration date: 2024-12
Shipping weight: 500g
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  • Savory sauces with the reduced energy value
  • Perfect reproduction of popular flavors, aromas, and textures
  • Taste and aroma of the most popular sauces
  • Less than 2 kcal in one serving!

BIOTECH Zero Sauce is a series of savory sauces with reduced energy value, which genuinely reproduce their standard, fattening counterparts. They have excellent texture, aroma and, above all, an incomparable taste.

Sauces with reduced calorie content is a product addressed to all those who want to reduce their daily energy supply without major diet restrictions or do not want to lose the quality of their figure by seasoning the dishes with regular sauces. Zero Sauces by BIOTECH have only a trace content of fat or carbohydrates – multiple times lower to their regular versions while retaining a striking resemblance to the original taste, smell or density.

Presented sauces offer an ideal way to diversify even a very restrictive diet. They will instantly transform a curd cube or cottage cheese into a tasty meal, without significantly changing the macros of the meal. Furthermore, the sauces may be the core of numerous dishes that, when using regular sauces, could not be part of the menu of a person who is working hard on sculpting their body.

Importantly, the sauces contain exclusively natural ingredients, which do not have a negative impact on health. The manufacturer, therefore, decided to maintain a minimum number of calories, while retaining better quality raw materials, which simultaneously affects the final product. Among all sauces of this type, this product is distinguished by the lack of chemical aftertaste and dense texture.

To sum up, BIOTECH Zero Sauce are tasty substitutes for standard, unhealthy savory sauces. They are an ideal solution for all those who, for various reasons, want to reduce the calorie supply or improve the quality of their nutrition.

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