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Zero Coffee Zero Coffee 330ml
Biotech Usa
2.06 €

Zero Coffee 330ml

Shipping weight: 500g
Sugar free
No gluten

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Classic 9g
Classic 9g
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  • A ready-to-drink protein drink with caffeine
  • The taste resembling a delicious milk coffee
  • Produced with the use of milk protein concentrate
  • As much as 25 g of protein and 100 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Free from added sugar and gluten

BioTech Zero Coffee is a unique high-protein drink with the addition of caffeine, which tastes like an exquisite coffee with milk. It is ready for immediate consumption and may successfully replace a portion of a protein supplement and a cup of coffee.

Protein coffee-flavored shake
A portion of protein and a "small black coffee" is a combination that is perfect in the morning, before a workout, and between meals when you feel hungry or weary. The producer of the presented product has created the perfect and most satisfying version of a protein shake with milk coffee. An exquisite, velvety cocktail ensures a feeling of satiety, provides the body with proteins, whereas thanks to caffeine, it eliminates fatigue and stimulates to action. Importantly, it does not require any preparation, mixing with water or brewing. Just shake the packaging lightly, open, and drink.

A solid portion of protein
One portion of the presented cocktail contains as much as 25 g of wholesome protein. It should be appreciated that the composition of the product is based on native whey proteins and not on much less valuable by-products of the dairy industry. Such a milk protein concentrate is the best source of valuable amino acids and is characterized by numerous functional properties. In combination with strength training, it contributes to the development of muscle mass, promotes post-workout regeneration, whereas, thanks to the content of immune factors (α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, lactoferrin), it may also support the immune system.

Source of caffeine
A portion of the presented cocktail is also a precisely defined, optimal dose of caffeine. This is roughly the amount found in a mug of coffee. It is big enough to feel a pleasant arousal and concentration increase, without side effects, such as excessive agitation or irritation.

No unnecessary additives
The composition of the presented product is free of questionable components. It does not contain added sugar, gluten, lactose or artificial preservatives. The product owes its sweet taste to the sweetener.

To sum up, BioTech Zero Coffee is a response to the needs of people who are looking for both a portion of protein and a dose of stimulation in the form of caffeine. Its delicious taste is reminiscent of milk coffee, while for athletes used to protein supplements, it will be like a portion of coffee-flavored protein supplement.

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