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Fit Cocoa with erythritol Fit Cocoa with erythritol 500g
9.38 €

Fit Cocoa with erythritol 500g

Shipping weight: 620g

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Classic 9g
Classic 9g
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  • A delicious cocoa drink enriched with magnesium
  • Perfect for drinking hot and cold, with milk or water
  • A feeling of blissful relaxation and joy
  • Sweetened with erythritol and sucralose
  • 100% free from sugar
  • Easy to prepare

MZ Fit Cocoa is a drink that, despite zero sugar content, has not lost the fullness of cocoa aroma, thus being able to pamper the taste buds of cocoa and chocolate drink connoisseurs.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to follow a diet that will allow for achieving satisfactory health and figure effects. But who won’t reminisce with sentiment and longing perhaps not the healthiest combination from childhood: a delicious, crunchy roll, delicately smeared with peanut butter or chocolate cream accompanied by an aromatic cocoa drink? Thanks to FITQUICK Cocoa Zero it is possible to make a culinary journey through time with a slightly healthier approach.

When looking at the nutritional values, what draw attention is the tiny amount of sugars, which has been achieved by eliminating the addition of white sugar. This may raise some concerns as to whether the substitute has been stripped of its full flavor. Don't worry though, as the sweetness is guaranteed by safe sweeteners combined with natural flavors. All this makes the drink an unprecedented delight for the palate.

In addition to the undoubtedly delicious taste, cocoa is rich in a multitude of active ingredients. The most popular is caffeine, along with its sister, theobromine. They are responsible for the wonderful feeling of pleasure that appears after a solid dose of this brown drink. All-embracing relaxation and mood improvement are guaranteed by tryptophan, which is a substrate for the synthesis of the happiness hormone, serotonin. Cocoa is also a source of flavonoids that reduce free radicals.

Noteworthy is also the non-accidental addition of magnesium, which is a crucial micronutrient in the diet of an athlete, facilitating the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles. It also participates in the process of protein biosynthesis as well as energy transformations in cells.

To sum up, MZ Fit Cocoa is a great proposition for anyone who wants to take a delicious culinary journey or is a gourmet of cocoa drink but follows a restrictive dietary regime.

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