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Vitamin D3 Forte Vitamin D3 Forte 4000 IU 120 caps.
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Vitamin D3 Forte

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  • One of the highest available on the market doses of vitamin D3 in 1 capsule!
  • Food for special nutritional purposes
  • Supports the maintenance of the proper bone tissue structure
  • Regulates the functions of calcium-phosphate management
  • Naturally supports the immunological processes
  • Protects the nervous tissue from being destructed
  • Helps in the fight against the auto-aggressive diseases
  • Promotes the optimal uptake of calcium
  • Natural form, obtained from lanolin

ALINESS Vitamin D3 4000 IU FORTE is a formulation which contains one of the highest available on the market dose of vitamin D3, supporting the health of bones, joints and the immune system. The active compound, obtained from the natural sheep lanolin, has been placed in the capsules, which allow for its facile delivery and ensure high bioavailability.

Its composition includes:
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – a substance synthesized by the organism after exposure to the appropriate dose of solar radiation, which is sometimes difficult to achieve due to weather conditions. It participates in the regulation of the calcium-phosphate management, which results in the strengthening of bone structure and the protection of nervous structures. What is more, it has a role in modulating the immunological response.

Efficient locomotor system
Intensive life style requires constant mobility. Undoubtedly, an efficient locomotor system can be of help in this matter. Its composition includes two components: active (muscles) and passive (bones, joints, supportive elements of the connective tissue).

The main element associated with the bone structure is calcium. Its proper supply should protect against the problems with excessive fragility of the bones, and the appropriate assimilation of calcium is, in turn, conditioned by, among others, the presence of vitamin D3. The observations indicate that it is one of the most deficient vitamin among the population of people living in the moderate climate zone. Its synthesis under the influence of solar radiation exposure can be insufficient, similarly as its supply along with the diet, therefore it is worth to deliver its active form as a supplement. By doing so, one properly protects oneself against the bone tissue diseases, especially among people at risk of those (elderly, women after menopause, children).

In the fight against infections
A quite burdensome problem, with almost everybody has to deal with, are seasonal infections. Sometime, a mild stress, a few days without a proper rest, or dietary deficits, can contribute to the disturbance in the immune homeostasis of the organism.

Currently, there is an undergoing study on the influence of various substances on the immunological functions of the organism. It was noted that a slight modification of the diet by introducing vitamin D3 into it, contributed to a much lower incidence of cold and flu. This effect is seen in the potential immunomodulatory effect of cholecalciferol, which stimulates immune cells to fight pathogenic viruses.

Additional effects
The support of the nervous system is very important, regardless of age and physical condition. One of the method is the supply of vitamin D3. It exhibits protective effects in case of the neurons, inhibiting the phenomenon of the so-called excitotoxicity. It results from the excessive concentration of calcium in the extracellular fluid, which by approaching the cells, contributes to their apoptosis. Cholecalciferol’s task is to regulate the appropriate availability of the cation, in order to prevent from the aforementioned process.

Allergies belong to the systemic diseases, which are beginning with the immunological hyperactivity. They result in ailments in the digestive, or respiratory system, and even in dermatological disorders, among which there is atopic dermatitis. Currently, the causative treatment is not possible, however the proper modification of the diet, which includes the instruction of vitamin D3 can slightly alleviate the itching symptoms, or redness and desquamation of the epidermis. It is explained by its immunomodulatory properties.

To sum up, Aliness Vitamin D3 4000 IU FORTE is a formulation that will allow to prevent the problems concerning the bone system, as well as neurological ailments in an effective way. It is a powerful support for the immunity, protecting from incidence of seasonal infections of the upper respiratory tract.

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