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  • Support for the muscle mass growth and maintenance
  • Help in maintaining healthy bones
  • Protein with high biological value
  • Optimal post-workout regeneration
  • Favorable amino acid profile
  • Delicious flavor variants

MZ WPC is a dietary supplement that is a concentrated source of wholesome protein, which is characterized with high biological value. This product is distinguishing itself with an excellent solubility and is available in a wide range of flavors.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a protein of the dairy origin with a favorable amino acid profile. It is a particularly good source of exogenous amino acids, including BCAA amino acids that the organism itself is unable to synthesize, and which are essential for the proper functioning of the organism. WPC is also a protein which is characterized by a high biological value, which simply means that it is well bioavailable.

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In my case, it was vanilla and while the taste is very good, the consistency left something to be desired for me. The previous proteins that I purchased dissolve seamlessly in water / milk, for this I had to use a shaker, otherwise I had to reckon with numerous lumps.
02/07/2021 Łukasz

Key building block for the muscles
Protein is an elemental building block for the organism, essential for the optimal growth and regeneration. It is necessary for the development of the muscle mass. The insufficient supply of wholesome protein in the diet can results in an intensification of deleterious processes of muscle catabolism, which has its goal set to obtain the essential amino acids from the muscles. Therefore, people who are physically active have increased demand for protein in the diet.

Pro-health qualities of WPC
Whey protein possesses milk proteins such as, among others: α-lactoglobulin, β-lactoglobulin or lactoferrin, which exhibit additional, pro-health properties for the organism. α and β-lactoglobulins can beneficially influence the health of the cardiovascular system, and lactoferrin has a positive effect on the immunity, since it has antimicrobial and antioxidant effects, among others.

To sum up, MZ WPC is a dietary supplement which is aimed at supplying the wholesome, well bioavailable protein, allowing for the demand coverage of the organism for this macroelement. The protein supplement is especially recommended for athletes, people who are physically active and/or want to lose weight.

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