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Adeno B12 Adeno B12 60 lozenges
Seeking Health
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Adeno B12 60 lozenges

Servings: 60 lozenges
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  • The source of bioactive form of vitamin B12, adenosylcobalamin
  • Maintains the proper nervous system functions
  • Supports the hematopoietic and cardiovascular systems
  • Helps to keep the proper energy metabolism
  • Improves cognitive skills and shows antidepressant properties
  • Promotes reduction in homocysteine level

Seeking Health Adeno B12 is a dietary supplement which contains the bioactive, mitochondrial form of vitamin B12, adenosylcobalamin. The product positively affects the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems as well as can be an effective alternative to methylcobalamin for people hypersensitive to methylated forms of B-vitamins.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a water-soluble substance made out of a corrin ring, which contains a tetra-pyrrole ring and a cobalt element in the centre. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin whose synthesis is possible only in the bacterial cells. Cobalamin is known for its positive influence on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Vitamin B12, in form of adenosylcobalamin, is involved in energy transformations in the body system and in the conversion of methylmalonyl-CoA into succinyl-CoA.

The basic sources of vitamin B12 are products of animal origin (fishes, poultry, eggs, cheeses, meat of ruminants). The vitamin is present in some algae and fermented vegetables (e.g. miso).

Causes and consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency
Cobalamin deficiency negatively affects neural transmission, increases DNA vulnerability to damage and can lead to the wide spectrum of neurological symptoms, such as paraesthesia, impaired coordination, skin numbness, mood swings, memory problems, depression and impaired concentration.

Moreover, it is also associated with reduced synthesis of an enzyme involved in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases (infarction, venous thrombosis). Vitamin B12 deficiency impairs hematopoietic processes, which can result in pernicious anaemia.

Causes for vitamin B12 deficiency include mainly impaired cobalamin absorption, excessive growth of bacterial flora, intestinal diseases and intestine resection. Increased demand for this vitamin is observed in case of overproduction of hydrochloric acid, atrophic gastritis, parasites and bacteria (H. pylori) as well as using particular drugs (proton pump inhibitors).

Better protection of the circulatory system
Vitamin B12 shows cardioprotective properties and supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system. Homocysteine is an amino acid whose excess in the body system increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin B12 is a cofactor for methionine synthase, the core enzyme involved in homocysteine transformation into methionine, which is why it can reduce homocysteine level in blood serum.

Positive influence on the hematopoietic system
Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper conduction of haematopoiesis. The vitamin is absorbed in the final part of the ileum, with participation of the Castle’s factor (an internal factor) which is released by the gastric parietal cells. From the combination of vitamin B12 with the internal factor results a haematopoiesis factor which is involved in formation of blood cells, erythrocytes, DNA and RNA in the erythroblasts.

Support for mental health
Vitamin B12 is essential for the maintenance of the nervous system integrity. It is involved in formation of myelin sheath and neurotransmitter production as well as plays an important role in the maintenance of stability of human genome.

Higher homocysteine level can negatively affect not only the circulatory system but also the nervous system. It has been demonstrated that hyperhomocysteinemia can be associated with an increased risk of dementia disorders (especially Alzheimer’s disease) and depression. Moreover, in elderly psychiatric patients, vitamin B12 deficiencies are quite common, and their symptoms include memory problems, depression, hypomania and personality changes. What is interesting, dysfunctions of the nervous system can be the only visible symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

To sum it all up, Seeking Health, Adeno B12 is a dietary supplement which can complement even deep deficiencies of vitamin B12. The product is recommended especially for people exposed to the increased risk of B12 hypovitaminoses – vegans, vegetarians, elderly people (after the age of 50) and people after intestine resection.

Directions for use
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Container size: 60 vegetarian lozengesServing size: 1 vegetarian lozengeServings per container: 60
per 1 lozengeamount%DV
Vitamin B12 (as adenosylcobalamin)3000 mcg125,000%

Other ingrednients

Xylitol, ascorbyl palmitate, silica, natural cherry flavor.

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Adenosylcobalamin - a biologically active form of vitamin B12, which similarly to its methylated form does not need to undergo additional biochemical transformations in order to enter metabolic pathways in the human organism.

Apart from the best assimilability, adenosylcobalamin is distinguished from other forms of vitamin B12 by its high affinity for regeneration of nervous tissue. It is indicated that this form of cobalamin is engaged in the production of myelin sheaths with key meaning for proper neurotransmission. Apart from this, vitamin B12 is conducive to maintaining optimal functionality of the nervous system, being conducive to the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B12 is also an incredibly important regulator of methylation process, thanks to which its supplementation positively influences metabolism of the whole organism. It is a coenzyme in the conversion reactions of homocysteine to methionine as well as methylmalonyl-CoA to succinyl-CoA. Because of the first reaction, proper supply of vitamin B12 is also conducive to maintaining high concentrations of S-adenosylmethionine, thanks to which it positively influences mental functions.

Moreover, vitamin B12 is a key regulatory factor, taking part in erythropoiesis, i.e. the process of forming red cells. Its improper supply may be the cause of the development of the so-called vitamin B12 deficiency anemia.

Supplementation with vitamin B12 should be considered especially be people on vegetable diets and those who take drugs from the group of proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) and metformin.


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