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Bacopa Monniera 50mg Bacopa Monniera 50mg 90 caps.
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Bacopa Monniera 50mg 90 caps.

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  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Relaxes and alleviates anxiety states
  • Improves remembering processes
  • Recommended as brain tonic
  • Stimulates neuron development
  • Used as a nootropic
  • Regenerates tissues and stimulate protein synthesis
  • Activates the limbic system (hippocampus)

Swanson Bacopa Monniera is a dietary supplement with a high-quality extract from water hyssop leaves, which is known in the Far Eastern medicine under the mysterious name Brahmi - deriving from the word Brahma, one of the main gods in Hinduism.

In those regions, the plant is used in treating epilepsy, insomnia and as a relaxing and anxiety-alleviating agent. In the "western countries" it gained popularity thanks to its ability to improve cognitive functions and remembering processes.

Bacopa monnieri (water hyssop; brahmi) - a medicinal plant, commonly used in Indian medicine and Ayurveda. It contains many active substances, e.g. steroid saponins (bacoside A, bacoside B, hersaponin, monnierin) and alkaloids (brahmin, herpestin). It is recommended for children as brain tonic, as well as because of its ability to stimulate the development of the nervous system.

Moreover, it exhibits nootropic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, antidepressant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, relaxant, antiepileptic, analgesic, adaptogenic, anxiolytic and anti-ulcer properties and improves sleep quality.

Brahmi activates the hippocampus
The mechanism of water hyssop's activity is quite complex, difficult to understand and not very recognised. It is known that active substances affect mainly the limbic system (hippocampus) which is the superior system controlling the main behaviour mechanisms. The hippocampus also actively participates in learning and remembering processes.

It has been proven that brahmi raises the number of cells and nerve connections in that part of the brain, through which it improves cognitive functions and remembering processes, associating facts and recalling information. The plant can also be applied in the case of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Brahmi improves cholinergic transmission
Bacosides have the ability to increase the level of acetylcholine and stimulate cholinergic transmission in the brain, probably by preventing lipofuscin aggregation in the cerebral cortex, chelating heavy metal ions, stimulating the activity of choline acetyltransferase, its connection with muscarinic receptors, modulating the process of monoaminergic neurotransmission, increasing the activity of GPx and inhibiting lipid peroxidation in the brain.

The above-described effects contribute to inhibiting aging processes, protecting neurons, improving cognitive functions, stimulating working memory and increasing cerebral blood flow. Scientists report that water hyssop prevents neurodegenerative diseases, raises IQ and restores mental functions in children diagnosed with ADHD, can be applied in treating epilepsy and insomnia, alleviates anxiety states and improves cognitive functions in people who had a stroke.

Other properties and applications
Brahmi is an extraordinarily healthy plant. Apart from its beneficial effect on mental health, it has the ability to remove free radicals and peroxides, detoxifies the organism, alleviates inflammations, prevents benign prostatic hyperplasia, stimulates protein synthesis, supports tissue regeneration and stabilises the structure of cell membranes. It is also used in treating asthma, ulcers, ascites, enlarged spleen, leprosy, anaemia, inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Advised administration
Because of a high content of compounds with steroid structure, it is advised to take dry extracts with animal fat. Commonly known methods are synergy with Gotu Kola and dissolution in fat milk. In order to improve its absorption, it can also be used together with lecithin. Water hyssop's effect is noticeable after a month of regular consumption. It is best to take it for 2-3 months and stop for a month.

To sum up, Swanson Bacopa Monniera is a dietary supplement recommended particularly for people who work mentally, live in constant stress and have problems with memory. As a nootropic, it has a beneficial effect on cognitive functions, improves working memory, reflex, associating facts and general well-being.

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