How to run to lose weight? The main thing is regularity

The bottom line is to run regularly. It is worth to set training days in your week, which will be permanently included in our training schedule. For this purpose, you can work with a trainer, who will set a training plan and will show you how to run to lose weight. It is also important not to worry too much about losing weight too slowly, but stick to your goals and go out running regularly. A very good motivation to stay active is to train with your friends.

How to run to lose weight – do not overload your body

The decision to lose weight should be carefully planned. Only a well-designed plan will let us lose weight without complications. If we decide to run too often or too intensively, it can lead to injuries. A break in training will spoil our plans for swift weight loss. It is therefore important that people who are beginning their adventure with running do not train every day for a whole week, because the body needs a break to regenerate. It is enough 4-5 times a week for about 30-60 minutes.

How to run to lose weight - count calories

It's not that if you run, you can eat as much as you want. If our calorie intake is higher than our energetic demand, we will not get rid of unnecessary fat around the hips and belly, and – paradoxically - we can still gain weight. It is worth getting a sport watch, in which there will be an option to show how many calories we have burned during training. Then we can easily calculate our energy balance.

Diet and running to lose weight

Help in getting rid of excess weight is, of course, a balanced diet. We can count calories ourselves, but the best way is to take advice from a nutritionist who specializes in preparing diets for athletes. If we want to lose weight, it is important to eat regular meals every 3-4 hours. It is also important to drink about 2 litres of fluids a day to properly hydrate the body.

Athletes preparing for a marathon eat energy bars during or after the run. However, their body burns calories quickly due to the intensity of training. When losing weight it is better to give up such snacks, because you may gain unnecessary weight. However, you should remember to eat a full and balanced meal after training.

How to run to lose weight - slow run

When running we need energy. It can be obtained by our body from the excess fat tissue. Therefore, it is an excellent way to lose weight. Wondering how to run to lose weight we should answer that it is best to run slowly and for a long time. Why? Fat burns slowly, so you need to spend some time on it. The right thing to do will be long runs or running tours, which can be combined with walking.

If we want to lose weight, we should maintain a specific pace while running. It is about the range between 60% and 80% of personal and individual for each person maximum heart rate defined as HR max. There are many methods to calculate it, but the best and most reliable is to conduct performance tests by sports diagnostic centres.

Will I lose weight running fast?

Fast running will allow you to burn more body fat in a given unit of time. Such workouts include interval methods or threshold running. However, the disadvantage is that we get tired faster, so such training cannot last too long. The body also needs regeneration, so it cannot be repeated every day. There is also a greater risk of injury, especially for beginners and overweight people. Running too intensively can overload joints, which will lead to injuries. The best solution for them is to run at a slow pace (or try slow jogging), which builds up endurance and makes them accustomed to the more intensive effort.

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