More and more protein in food products

Current trends of pro-health actions aim at the improvement of health by dietetic support. It means that there is a growing interest in nutritious products that are supposed to constitute an element of physical effort support, but not only. These products need to be highly nutritious, which is related mainly to the content of proteins. means that the products with the increased content of proteins in their composition are becoming more and more popular on the market. Is it related to forming prices of protein supplements?

Heath needs to be expensive

The increased amount of proteins in food products mainly concerns these products, in which there is a possibility to add proteins. It means that such predisposed products are dairy products which are naturally rich  in whey protein. Changing eating habits is always positive, but it needs to be related to certain economic consequences. What does this mean? First of all, the protein component in a food product makes its price rise.

The change of quality proportion of components requires quite a considerable addition of proteins, which generates costs. Products generally perceived as not very dietetic and useless in a diet of a sportsman or a person taking care of health needed to clean up their negative opinion of being based mainly on carbohydrates and sugar. Currently, people strive for making proteins and preserves with its addition more and more meaningful and making it constitute a significant element of a diet.

Why is protein so important?

Analyzing a diet of a statistical human scientists drew the conclusion that the percentage contribution of  proteins in a diet is too low in connection to the organism’s needs. As WHO reports, an adult who is not physically active should eat at least 0,8-1g of proteins per 1kg of body mass a day. From the point of view of a sportsmen this amount is rather low, as active people should provide around 2g of protein per 1 kg of bodyweight a day.

Proper supply of protein is responsible for the pace of metabolic changes as well as thermogenesis production by the organism. It means that insufficient amount of protein in a diet may constitute one of the causes of the current epidemic of obesity, the treatment of which consumes considerable funds of health care. Additionally, protein constitutes a building material for tissues and its proper level in a diet makes tissues regenerate and rebuild properly.

Where will we find protein additives? Taking a look at food industry, protein component has been added to such products as:

What is interesting, slowly there also appear other products such as protein rolls. As we can see, the variety of products with the increased content of protein is considerable. The amount of protein in such products usually ranges from 12 even to 30g, which is related to the kind and mass of a given product.

It is also worth mentioning that the interest in products of special intended use is growing, such as nutritious preparations for infants and elderly people, which is also related to the increased prices of the raw material.

Why sportsmen won’t benefit from this?

All these actions aiming at the improvement of food product quality are reflected in the prices of protein raw material. It means that the prices of protein supplements that are based on whey protein concentrate need to be increased. The costs connected to the production of the supplement already require considerable finances, where the margin on protein products is usually quite low to make it possible to effectively break through among the competition.

The increase of the prices of the raw material unfortunately needs to be reflected in the price of the whole preparation, which cannot be compensated in any other way as by the change of the price of the final product. Eventually, a sportsman will pay more for a protein product when he or she wants to use it. The situation of the willingness to improve the quality of products and supplementing them with a protein component make the raw material be lacking on the market. There are even such situations that producers fight for the possibility of buying as much protein as possible, which is reflected in its price.


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