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If one of my lovely ladies still had doubts about starting up a romance with weights, then I will spell it out for you!!!

100 reasons why it’s worth to start lifting at the gym:

  1. Strength training reduces the risk of a heart disease.
  2. Improves strength.
  3. Improves functionality of the immune system.
  4. Improves the quality of sex life.
  5. Relieves stress.
  6. Helps lose the excess fat.
  7. Increases the likelihood of surviving a heart attack.
  8. Can help with decreasing headaches due to high blood pressure.
  9. Improves body’s ability to use up fat during exercise.
  10. Increases bone density and their durability.
  11. Helps maintain lean body mass.
  12. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
  13. Strengthens the tendons and ligaments.
  14. Improves blood circulation in the heart muscle.
  15. Increases the quantity of good (HDL) cholesterol.
  16. Helps quit smoking.
  17. Decreases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  18. Helps older people improve their short term memory.
  19. Helps with keeping the weight after losing it.
  20. Makes it easier to endure pregnancy.
  21. Decreases anxiety and nervousness.
  22. Helps control blood pressure for people with hypertension.
  23. Reduces blood viscosity.
  24. Decreases the risk of arrhythmia.
  25. Increases aerobic capacity.
  26. Makes it easier to endure a trip to another time zone.
  27. Slows the degeneration of joints in patients with osteoporosis.
  28. Reduces resting heart rate.
  29. Increases creativity.
  30. Reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood.
  31. Increases resistance to infections of the upper respiratory tract.
  32. Increases anaerobic endurance and reduces fatigue.
  33. Reduces future medicine and medical care spending.
  34. Improves ability to regenerate.
  35. Accelerates recovery from chemotherapy.
  36. Increases the body's ability to withstand heat.
  37. Thickens cartilage of the joints.
  38. Gives more life energy and facilitates the reactions in unforeseen situations.
  39. Increases muscle endurance.
  40. Helps sleep better.
  41. Corrects posture.
  42. Improves athletic performance.
  43. Helps prevent metabolic slowdown over the years.
  44. Reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  45. Helps to control blood sugar levels.
  46. Helps reduce constipation.
  47. Increases the volume of blood plasma.
  48. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  49. Helps fight addictions.
  50. Helps with treating depression.
  51. Increases the ability to withstand low temperatures.
  52. Helps maintain proper proportions silhouette.
  53. Reduces the risk and severity of vascular disease.
  54. Helps reduce some of the PMS symptoms.
  55. Reduce the intensity of heart rate in proportion to the effort undertaken.
  56. Helps reduce or eliminate back pain.
  57. Helps reduce the dose of insulin required by patients with type 1 diabetes.
  58. Improves mental acuity.
  59. Improves lung function and reduces the problems associated with asthma.
  60. Reduces the risk of a stroke.
  61. Helps burn excess calories consumed.
  62. Increases cardiovascular system reserves.
  63. Improves looks.
  64. Reduces the side effects of certain medications.
  65. Increases blood flow to all organs.
  66. Improves self-esteem.
  67. Reduces the susceptibility to coronary artery disease and venous congestion.
  68. Helps with relaxing.
  69. Reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  70. Increases perceptiveness in the short term.
  71. Improves and maintains the joints mobility.
  72. Improves glucose tolerance.
  73. Reduce the number of sick leave days.
  74. Protects against slow weight gain over the years.
  75. Increases the ability of muscles compared to the effort.
  76. Increases productivity at work.
  77. Reduces the risk of lower spine problems.
  78. Improves balance and coordination.
  79. Allows you to eat much more without the risk of weight gain.
  80. Helps protect against injuries.
  81. Reduces the dose of drugs necessary for hypertension by 20-30%.
  82. Improves ability to make decisions.
  83. Helps reduce and prevent symptoms of menopause.
  84. Helps with reducing symptoms and prevent rheumatism.
  85. Reduces the risk of certain forms of infertility.
  86. Helps prevent osteoporosis.
  87. Reduces appetite in the short term.
  88. Improves pain tolerance.
  89. Helps prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  90. Makes the heart a much more efficient pump.
  91. Prevents hypertrophy of the left heart valves in patients with hypertension.
  92. Improves mood.
  93. Increases knowledge about healthy lifestyles.
  94. Reduces the risk of gastrointestinal ulceration.
  95. Helps with leading an independent lifestyle.
  96. Reduces visceral adiposity that can pose a serious health risk.
  97. Increase exchange of oxygen between the lungs and blood.
  98. Improves ability to withstand weather changes.
  99. Improves overall quality of life.
  100. Shapes the character and makes you a better person

In sum, you + dumbbells = SUPERWOMAN! Start lifting, girl!

Sandra Dominiuk Personal Trainer

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    Steven Taylor

    Wow!! Excellent reasons list. I should show this to my wife. She recently started working and joined gym to cut few pounds. I am not sure but besides being very energetic, she is not getting the result. Maybe I am expecting it too early, it has been just 2 weeks. Well I have also come to know about CARDARINE – GW-501516 which helps pretty fast in loosing extra fat. Should I buy for her? Any suggestion about these SARM?

    • David

      Hello Steven, thanks for your apperication! You should definitely show it to Your wife.

      You have to remember, that getting results is just a part of whole process. The most important thing is to feel better with yourself, when focusing on raw results can be delicately demotivating. You should give Her more time, and of course ensure support for her actions!

      GW-501516 is certainly great product, but in my opinion is too early for it. If Your wife just start with going on gym, I would recommend basic stack, with substances like caffeine, green tea extract, and l-carnitine. For example: http://www.mz-store.com/fat-burners/olimp-thermo-speed-extreme-120-caps.html

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