Skipping rope – just for kids?

Skipping rope is an easy-to-use equipment at the gym, which brings a number of benefits. You can actually jump on it anywhere and at different speeds, which means it is a very versatile tool in training. It also turns out that it is not only reserved for the youngest children. By including the skipping rope for your training you can, among others burn hundreds of calories or warm up properly. How to jump on a skipping rope? And what other effects is guaranteed by this inconspicuous equipment?

Skipping rope at the gym

Skipping rope is currently gaining popularity among others professional athletes and amateur athletes. This equipment has also been an integral part of the training of boxers and wrestlers for many years. How does a skipping rope at the gym work?

This equipment can be used (eg as a warm-up section) in strength training, crossfit, functional training, cardio and intervals. During exercise, everyone sets intensity, pace and intensity of exercise. Skipping rope is available in principle at every gym. However, if the club does not have such a player, you can buy it in any sports store.

What gives you a skipping rope?  

It not only provides strength exercisers with a number of positive benefits. What gives a skipping rope in training?

  • Effective fat burning, while maintaining muscle mass.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs (thighs, calves), arms and abdominal muscles
  • Coordination of movements and improvement of motor features, i.e. jumping, speed, dexterity and agility
  • Improvement of the fitness of the trainee
  • Increases flexibility, mobility and efficiency of joints
  • Improving the body's efficiency - when jumping on the rope, more oxygen is delivered to the body. Thanks to this, it is more oxygenated, which is associated with the improvement of the cardiovascular system.
  • Reducing cellulite and improving skin firmness

Jump rope technique  

Before you start jumping rope, remember about those issues:

  • a short warm-up, especially of the ankle and wrist joints
  • maintaining the correct figure during the jumps

In the correct rope jumping technique those things should be remembered:

  • straight back
  • tight stomach
  • motionless barges
  • elbows close to the torso (bent)
  • wrists inclined to the sides
  • jumps are performed on the fingers

When jumping, first of all wrists and hands are moving - it is them that follow the path of movement.

Jump rope techniques  

How can you jump on a skipping rope? At the beginning it is worth to master the obskóż jumps, which is the basic way to jump. Along with the experience gained - when we are sure of our jumps and there is no jumping rope in our hands - you can go to more advanced techniques, i.e.

  • jumping on one leg,
  • alternating jumps (once on one time on the other),
  • jumps while lifting the knees high (greater involvement of the abdominal muscles),
  • jumps from side to side,
  • jumping eights - crossing the skipping rope during the jump.

For whom is the skipping rope?

Skipping rope certainly works as a training element. Unfortunately, not everyone should use it in their training. Who should not jump on a skipping rope? Who is skipping rope for? It is not recommended to people who are overweight - when jumping, the joints are heavily overloaded, so a large body mass intensifies this phenomenon.

People who complain of joints or bones pain, with acute heart failure, should also avoid skipping on a skipping rope. Other practitioners should definitely consider jumping rope in their training.

Which rope to buy?

An important aspect is also the selection of jump rope to the type of your activity. There are skipping ropes available from various materials on the market. Most popular is

  • nylon
  • rope
  • made of PVC
  • with a weight
  • leather (for competition)
  • cord (for simple and fast aerobics)
  • quick - speed

The weight of the skipping rope also has a big influence on the jumping speed and the quality of the training. Both for light and too heavy, it will prevent effective training. The most important part is choosing the length of the skipping rope. It's him who depends on safe and correct jumping.

During jumps the line should touch the ground, if not touching it means that the skipping rope is too short. In turn if it stretches on the ground and tangles up - it means that it is definitely too long.

Exercises for skipping rope

Jumps on the rope allow you to burn hundreds of calories. A 30 minute cardio skipped rope is even -500 kcal. Of course, it is worth remembering that this result really depends on the intensity and length of the training. Ropes can be used in any workout, while changing the pace of jumps. Such exercise intensifies:

What are the exercises for a skipping rope to do? Perfect for Tabata training.  

It's 8 rounds of 20s dynamic and fast jumps on the rope, 10 seconds (break). To make rope rope more difficult, you can, for example, jump from foot to foot.

Fast dynamic skipping for 30s. combined with exercises, for example, for arms lasting also 30s .. You can repeat this set 5 times, take a longer break and repeat with a change of exercise.

How to jump on a skipping rope?

Skipping rope is a nice and intense way to train. How to jump on a skipping rope? It's already known. We can use it everywhere - at home, in the yard, as well as at the gym. It carries a number of effects quickly burns fat, shapes the whole body and improves motor features. This means that it should definitely be one of the tools in the training plan. It is worth to stock up on such an appliance and use it every day.

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