Vascularity – the way to show off your body!

Some people do sports for health reasons, to feel better, out of passion or just to kill time. Others, on the other hand, train strictly in order to be able to enjoy an ideal physique. There is no doubt that muscles without visible veins give the impression of a big inflated ball that can burst at any time. A large group of men and women are of the opinion that adequate muscle definition with strongly visible veins is the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to physique, thus justifying the widespread interest in improving the appearance of vascularity.

What is vascularization

Vascularization is the process of making veins as visible as possible, accompanied by having very low levels of body fat. It is worth mentioning that in some people having more visible veins can also be genetically predisposed.

When undergoing the process of vascularization, we must remember that it is achieved mainly by reducing body fat, gradual increase in the intensity of strength or aerobic training, and proper nutrition, including supplementation. Given the goal of vascularization, each of these elements requires sufficient attention.

How do make the veins on the arms visible?

Low body fat level

The basis for the greater outline of veins is first and foremost a reduction in body fat level, as fat is generally stored just under the skin, thus limiting venous visibility to some extent. A level of body fat far above the norm covers up the muscles, and thus it does not matter how big and dense your veins are, as they will still not become visible. For men, the ideal body fat level will be less than 10%. In order to achieve the full effect of vascularization, it is, therefore, necessary that the number of burned calories is greater than the amount of caloric intake.

More muscle mass

Although in most cases it is a proper diet that is the basis of sports results, physical activity such as Full Body Workout type of training, swimming or running also plays a key role because the more muscle mass we have, the more blood we need in the body, which leads to the fact that at the same time size and number of blood vessels increase. Therefore, well-tailored, but above all appropriately intensive training leads to muscle swelling and accumulation of metabolites that determine muscle growth.

Intensive training

In addition to strength training, cardio training is also recommended because it offers the possibility of stimulating the vascular and cardiovascular systems, resulting in an increased rate of blood flow through the veins. That ultimately leads to an increase in the capillary density as well as the number of capillaries (small blood vessels). Intervals, or short, intense workouts, should be the optimal training choice.

Supplementation for vascularization

When undergoing the process of vascularization, it is also a good idea to help yourself with the right dose of supplements, as they increase blood flow and thus improve the visibility of the veins. Supplements that will undoubtedly work well for vascularization are citrulline, NO Booster, creatine, and fat burners.

Citrulline is a supplement that increases the production of arginine - a substance responsible for vasodilation. Nitrates, which can be found mainly in beets or pomegranates, have a positive effect on increasing blood flow intensity through our veins. Creatine increases the hydration of body cells as well as the rate of blood flow. On the other hand, thermogenic products such as caffeine, capsaicin, green tea, or ginger maximize body heat and thermogenesis allowing us to decrease body fat level more easily.

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