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Wake up spring in yourself

We nearly have dark and cold days behind us but after winter we can feel tired and weak. Exhausted organism is also very susceptible to infections. To be able to fully enjoy the spring, we should take care of proper regeneration.

A balanced diet, outdoor movement and relaxation are of course the basis of a healthy lifestyle. However, without proper supplementation, we will not be able to obtain the desired form in a short time.

Energy shot

If after winter we feel tired, sleepy and have problems with concentration, it is good to reach for preparations based on ginseng, which improves memory, protects against stress, as well as increases the body's resistance and protects the circulatory system. - There are many substances containing ginseng on the market, and some of them contain the most important vitamins and minerals, among others iron and magnesium needed to strengthen the body and improve immunity, particularly important during the spring solstice period. Another component that reduces the feeling of tension and relieves the effects of fatigue is lecithin. Commonly known as a memory enhancer, it improves the functioning of the nervous system and also prevents atherosclerosis and has a beneficial effect on liver function.

Internal glow

As part of the regeneration of the body it is also worth taking care of the appearance. Skin, hair and nails deprived of light and essential vitamins throughout the winter, lose their shine and become dull. Care treatments will be necessary . Ideally for this purpose moisturizing cosmetics based on aloe vera, which has soothing properties, are suitable. Special balms and conditioners stimulate skin and hair cells to be rebuilt. - In order to achieve the best effect, it is good to supplement the therapy with horsetail based diet supplements that have antibacterial, remineralizing and regenerating properties. - says our expert - Horsetail is a valuable source of flavonoids, potassium and silicon, responsible for the proper functioning of rapidly growing tissues, that is in the skin, hair and nails. - explain.

Wasp waist

In early spring, we should also face unnecessary kilos accumulated during the winter. On cold days, we rarely have the opportunity to regularly practice physical activity, more often we also reach for heavy meals. Now, we should change the body into a light spring metabolism and spend as much time as possible on the move outdoors. For sure, the effects of our efforts will be seen faster if we reach for supplements that support slimming. Pharmacies include preparations containing chromium and white mulberry, which limit the absorption of glucose, normalize its level and help reduce appetite. For everyday diet you can also include tea with herbs that improve metabolism, for example, tricolor violet or stimulating digestive processes like yarrow, lovage or burdock.

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