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EAA (Essential Amino Acids) is a group of amino acids that have been considered essential for life. These include histidine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tryptophan. Unlike other amino acids, they cannot be synthesized in the body, which is why it is so important to provide them from external sources. Essential amino acids are the core of many life processes and affect the work of the whole organism. Their deficiencies will most severely affect the nervous, immune, reproductive, digestive, and muscular systems.

Exogenous amino acids are the most recognizable among athletes. No wonder – intensive physical exercise cause the demand for these compounds grows rapidly. Supplementing the deficiency of exogenous amino acids can bring numerous benefits to health, fitness and body shape.

It has been scientifically proven that EAA supplementation is conducive to increasing sports performance, it may prevent the loss of muscle tissue, promotes weight reduction, has beneficial effects on the post-workout biological renewal of the body, and strengthens the mood. In addition, it guarantees the correct course of many biochemical processes (including anabolism) and stimulates the synthesis of such compounds as growth hormone, insulin or serotonin.


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Mpa Supps
60.25 $

Contributes to better regeneration, limits muscle tissue catabolism; promotes anabolism and protein synthesis.

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Purple Wraath
Controlled Labs
from 41.59 $ from 39.07 $

Supplement containing BCAA and EAA. It improves endurance, and improves regeneration.

Platinum Labs
42.60 $

Supplement connecting BCAA containing amino acids and selected the EAA. It facilitates recovery after training.

Xxl Nutrition
30.00 $

A supplement containing essential amino acids. It supports the construction of muscles and regeneration.

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Hydro BCAA Out of stock
24.96 $

The amino acids BCAA and EAA enhanced with minerals. Promotes anabolism, protects the muscles.

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Amino EAA Xplode Out of stock
24.96 $

A set of essential amino acids. Supports regenerative processes and increases endurance.

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Off The Chain Out of stock
35.04 $

Amino acid supplement enriched with stimulants. It facilitates to increase muscle mass, improves endurance and focus.

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HumaPro Out of stock
50.16 $

A patented mix of 8 essential amino acids. Very good absorption and assimilation.

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Gro Pronto Out of stock
Tim Muriello's
40.08 $

BCAA and EAA - amino acid blend. It helps to maintain proper water-electrolyte balance.

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EAA Instant Out of stock
Fire Snake Nutrition
22.44 $

A set of EAA amino acids. It maximally intensifies the process of protein biosynthesis.

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HumaPro Out of stock
from 35.04 $

A patented mix of 8 essential amino acids. Very good absorption and assimilation.

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VitaMino Out of stock
17.39 $

Amino acids, vitamin C and B-complex set, in the powdered form for making a fruit-flavoured drink.

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EAA Xtra Out of stock
15.88 $

Amino acid preparation. Promotes anabolism and muscle mass building.

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Amino EAA
Amino EAA Discontinued
11.34 $

EAA with the addition of vitamins, L-citrulline, taurine, caffeine, plant extract. Promotes anabolic processes

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R1 Pre Amino
R1 Pre Amino Discontinued
24.96 $

Dietary supplement containing perfectly assimilable mixture of amino acids and natural caffeine.

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