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Estromega Premium Estromega Premium 250 ml
20.87 €

Estromega Premium 250 ml

Min. expiration date: 2024-08
Shipping weight: 400g
No gluten
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  • Composition of three fatty acids: omega 3-6-9
  • A unique blend of vegetable oils
  • A source of natural antioxidants
  • Contains 50 single servings in a bottle
  • Natural raspberry flavor improving the taste of the product
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • The dark bottle protects the contents from UV rays

Estromega Premium by Skoczylas is a dietary supplement containing a unique composition of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids obtained from various vegetable oils with the addition of a natural raspberry flavor. Thanks to the form of bioesters, the active ingredients of the product are better absorbed in the body.

Estromega Premium is a blend of various vegetable oils, including oils from:
• flax,
• an avocado,
• sesame,
• almonds,
• pumpkin seeds.

Omega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid) help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, the beneficial effect is obtained when consuming 2 g of ALA a day, and a single serving of Estromega Premium contains as much as 2.2 g of ALA.

Omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid) are unsaturated fatty acids that are a component of cell membranes. They improve the work of the nervous system. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a precursor of prostaglandin PGE1 - endowed with numerous biological functions.

Omega-9 fatty acids (oleic acid) is a monounsaturated fatty acid that is a precursor for many components that are the building blocks of tissues in the body.

Compared to the Standard version, Estromega Premium is characterized by a higher content of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

Vitamin E belongs to the group of strong antioxidants. Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

To sum up, Estromega Premium by Skoczylas is a product containing a complex of unsaturated fatty acids with the addition of vitamin E, with a pleasant raspberry flavor. It is recommended to normalize cholesterol levels, protect against oxidative stress and improve the functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems.

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