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Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 2000 IU 120 caps.
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Vitamin D3

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  • Top quality lanolin-derived cholecalciferol
  • Promotes normal bone mineralization
  • Contains as much as 2000 IU of vitamin D3 in a capsule
  • Improves the absorption of calcium from food
  • Reduces the occurrence of inflammation
  • May improve insulin sensitivity
  • Supports the circulatory system
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Improves regeneration

Aliness Vitamin D3 is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, containing exclusively high-quality lanolin-derived vitamin D3, suspended in authentic extra virgin olive oil for an even better absorption of cholecalciferol.

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble substance called cholecalciferol. This compound is synthesized in human skin under the rays of sunlight, more specifically UVB radiation. However, in case of people with a fair complexion, living in countries with low sun exposure, deficiencies resulting from insufficient exposure to sunlight occur in a large part of the society.

What's more, vitamin D is found in a limited number of food products, such as salmon or eel, which are also quite pricey. For this reason, replenishing the systemic vitamin D3 deficiencies using standard food may be quite a challenge. The most sensible and the most cost-effective solution seems to be taking a high-quality supplement containing this compound.

Vitamin D has been proved to show numerous effects within many systems of the body system, however, scientists are constantly discovering further functions of this vitamin.

Strong bones and joints
The main function of vitamin D in the human body is the regulation of calcium-phosphate metabolism, which allows maintaining proper bone and joint system mineralization. It is present in most processes associated with maintaining the proper condition of bones and joints e.g., it facilitates calcium absorption, determines the rate of bone structure formation and is responsible for maintaining the appropriate amount of calcium in the bones. Due to the numerous functions of Vitamin D within this system, its deficiency is reflected by the rapid loss of bone mass and further weakening of bone strength and elasticity.

Support for immunity
Numerous large-scale studies have proven that vitamin D3 is able to improve the immune response of the body, contributing to increased resistance to all kinds of pathogens. This compound is able to reduce the level of inflammation in the body by reducing the cytokines that cause them.

In addition, it intensifies the production of immune cells responsible for the alleviation of the inflammatory process.

It has been noted that supplementation with vitamin D3 results is a significant reduction of common cold and influenza among adults. This is another proof that in the autumn and winter, when there are particularly few occasions to expose the body to the sun, whereas the exposure to pathogens is especially high, vitamin D3 is an absolute "must-have" in daily supplementation.

Comprehensive support for the health of the circulatory system
Vitamin D3 is an extremely beneficial substance for the cardiovascular system. Its high concentration may reduce the risk of falling into various types of heart diseases and disorders of vascular permeability. This compound may be able to lower blood pressure through its effect on the RAA system (renin-angiotensin-aldosterone), additionally ensuring the proper patency of the veins. Supplementing this vitamin along with vitamin K can also counteract the retention of calcium in the vessels while promoting its shifting into the bones.

A novelty in the world of sports supplementation
Vitamin D3 has been now permanently incorporated into the supplementation of people who train professionally and amateur sports. It has been shown that maintaining the proper level of Vitamin D3 may favor weight gain and lower fat content in the body. Interestingly, this vitamin is one of the few substances with a clinically confirmed beneficial effect on testosterone level, which is one of the main factors stimulating the recovery of muscle tissue. Studies reported an average increase in the synthesis of this hormone by almost 1/3 of the initial production, after a year of supplementation. In addition, cholecalciferol supplementation may improve insulin metabolism, which may also further accelerate the rate of regeneration and increase in muscle mass.

To sum up, Aliness Vitamin D3 is a preparation that is a source of vitamin D3, dedicated to all people who want to prevent or to even out the deficiencies of this compound. It is also worth adding that the packaging of the supplement is enough for 3 months of supplementation!


Directions for use
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Container size: 120 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 120
per portion (1 capsule)amount%DV
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)50 mcg (2000 IU)1000%

Other ingrednients

Filling agent: Extra Virgin olive oil, beef gelatine, glycerin, water.

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Vitamin D


Vitamin D belongs to fat soluble vitamins, occurs in three forms: calciferol (vitamin D1) ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), it is formed under the action of sunlight for at least 15 minutes per day. In the absence of sunlight it should be administered in the diet in the form of fish oil (Vitamin A + D3) and fish oils. It is responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is the building substance of bone tissue particularly necessary during pregnancy, childhood, and for athletes. It is a component of dietary supplements and nutrients among competetive athletes. Deficiency of vitamin D causes children growth inhibition, and rickets.
For adults - deficiency causes osteomalacia.
of vitamin D causes headaches, alopecia, nausea, drowsiness, blurred vision, pain in the long bones, the deposition of calcium deposits.
Dosage: 400 IU units during the day.




Cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3, is an organic chemical that belongs to the family of D vitamins. It is naturally found in fatty fish, fish oil, egg yolks, milk and dairy products. It is also synthesized in the human body. It is formed from 7-dehydrocholesterol present in the keratinocytes of the spinous and the basal layers of the epidermis, and a pre-requisite for initiating this process is the action of 290-315 nm wavelength UVB radiation on the skin.

Cholecalciferol is a biologically inactive compound. In the body, it undergoes enzymatic hydroxylation – first in the liver, with the participation of 25-hydroxylase, when calcidiol is formed and secondly in the kidneys, where under the influence of 1-α-hydroxylase, calcidiol is converted into the final active form – calcitriol.

The most important role of vitamin D3 in the body is the regulation of calcium-phosphate metabolism, which directly affects normal skeletal mineralization. In addition, it is involved in cell proliferation and differentiation, insulin secretion, as well as in some functions of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Cholecalciferol is the most popular form of vitamin D used in dietary supplements. Studies show that supplementation with vitamin D in this form most effectively and rapidly raises the level of 25 (OH) D3 – a metabolite that is a marker of the level of vitamin D in the body.

Dosage: according to RDI standards for individual age groups.

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