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Gotu Kola 400mg Gotu Kola 400mg 100 caps.
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Gotu Kola 400mg 100 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2026-03
Shipping weight: 200g
No gluten
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  • The highest-quality Asiatic pennywort extract
  • Standardized for the content of 20% of asiaticosides
  • Vegan- and vegetarian-friendly capsules
  • Reduces the negative impact of stress on the body
  • Exhibits antidepressant properties
  • Supports memory and cognitive functions

Aliness Gotu Kola is a dietary supplement that contains Asiatic pennywort extract obtained from the company Akay® -- a leading Indian producer of plant extracts. It is characterized by excellent quality and high standardization (20% of asiaticosides). The preparation is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Gotu kola is the common name of Asiatic pennywort coined by the native people of India. This plant is particularly popular in Far-Eastern medicine and is a kind of panacea for many different ailments. Ayurveda specialists credit Gotu Kola with, e.g., rejuvenating, anti-aging, pro-cognitive, and antidepressant effects. The above properties are owed presumably to the group of triterpene compounds present in the plant. The most important of all compounds within this group are asiaticosides, which are characterized by the highest biological activity.

Adaptogenic effects: Asiatic Pennywort extracts increase resistance to stress, reduce its negative impact on the body, and facilitate achieving a state of balance even in very unfavorable conditions. The Asiaticosides present in the plant have proven to reduce the concentration of stress hormones and promote the increase in the level of monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain. This results in an improvement of mood and reduction of unreasonable anxiety, which often accompanies people living in permanent stress.

Pro-cognitive properties: Gotu kola belongs to the natural and safe boosters of intellectual functions. It has a beneficial effect on the level of BDNF – a factor that determines the development and life expectancy of nerve cells. Besides, it may increase the number of dendrites and promote axon growth. It is also believed that the bioactive substances contained in the plant accelerate the reconstruction of damaged neurons. All of this is of great importance for maintaining good memory, high performance, and mental efficiency. Moreover, Gotu kola is rich in compounds with antioxidant potential. They counteract the formation of oxidative stress in the body, which is a risk factor for the occurrence of mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

To sum up, Aliness Gotu Kola is a natural remedy for problems caused by high, persistent stress. The preparation is also recommended for people exposed to the intense intellectual effort.

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