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Chelated Copper 2,5mg Chelated Copper 2,5mg 100 tab.
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Chelated Copper 2,5mg 100 tab.

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  • An important cofactor of intracellular enzymes
  • Supports the proper absorption and transport of iron
  • Effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Effective suppression of oxygen radical processes
  • Strengthens the connective tissues
  • Supports the cognitive functions
  • The high content of copper
  • Better mood

Aliness Chelated Copper is a preparation containing an effective dose of copper – a micronutrient that affects the maintenance of systemic homeostasis. The addition of a few filling substances with no harmful effects on health and placement of the element in small tablets speak for the high quality of the product. In addition, the preparation is vegan-friendly, as well as does not contain gluten and lactose, and is free of GMOs.

The product consists of:
Copper (copper diglycinate) – a micronutrient that as a component of enzymes controls intracellular processes of metabolic energy production and also inhibits the formation of free radicals. In addition, it takes part in maintaining the good condition of connective tissues and supports the functions of the nervous, circulatory, and hematopoietic systems.

Healthy connective tissue
As time passes, all the structures of the human body undergo aging. The renewal of cells and extracellular elements is no longer as effective as in youth. The effects of aging affect all systems, but they are most noticeable within connective tissues. They include the commonly known connective tissue proper, (fibers that surround and bond various elements together), but also resistance tissues – bone and cartilage.

The main mutual structural feature of all these tissues is the presence of one of the most resistant to mechanical damage proteinscollagen. Its structure is compared to the strongest ropes. This is due to the presence of two non-standard amino acids, which include hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline, whereas copper is an enzyme cofactor that participates in the production of the first of these. It has been observed that the deficiency of this microelement considerably weakens bone structure, leading even to osteoporotic changes. Moreover, impaired collagen synthesis may be reflected in the deterioration of skin condition and loss of its firmness.

Metabolic processes under control
Each cell needs a proper dose of energy to perform its function. It is obtained in complicated metabolic processes. Copper is one of the elements that performs several specific functions in a cell. As a component of the enzyme involved in the electron transfer on the respiratory chain, it supports the efficient generation of energy in the form of ATP.

The by-product of the above-described process are free radicals. These highly reactive molecules have the ability to destroy everything they encounter on their intracellular pathway. The most susceptible to destruction are genetic material and biological membranes. However, the system is equipped with special antioxidant enzymes. One of them is superoxide dismutase (SOD-1), which contains copper.

It has been proven that adequate supply of this element allows maintaining the proper oxidation and reduction potential in a cell, i.e. protection against free radicals. This can be achieved through their neutralization as well as the optimization of energy processes.

Protection of the circulatory system
Blood vessels are composed of several layers. The composition of one of them is characterized by the presence of collagen fibers. Copper deficiency triggers the increase in brittleness and breaking of the continuity of vessels. Increased susceptibility to damage may cause life-threatening aneurysmatic changes.

The most common disease affecting the cardiovascular system is atherosclerosis caused by chronically elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. Recent reports also point to the key importance of one of the amino acids – homocysteine.

It has been observed that the regular supply of copper in risk groups led to a reduction in the concentration of both compounds mentioned above. As a result, it is possible to slow down the process of plaque build-up within the affected vessels.

Additional effects
The regulatory potential of copper is almost unlimited. Few people know that it also participates in the uptake and transport of iron necessary for the production of red blood cells. Many people with microcytic anemia were found to have decreased levels of both elements.

The integrity of the nervous system can be preserved thanks to properly matured structural and chemical connections, the development of which requires appropriate synthesis of neurotransmitters and building materials. It has been noticed that copper is crucial for the functioning of dopamine hydroxylase, an enzyme involved in the production of catecholamines. Its deficiencies may worsen mood and cognitive functions.

To sum up, Aliness Chelated Copper is a product containing the optimal dose of copper, which is a key micronutrient to maintain the proper functioning of many systems and intracellular homeostasis.

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