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Chelated Zinc 15mg Chelated Zinc 15mg 100 tab.
5.73 €

Chelated Zinc 15mg 100 tab.

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  • High dose of zinc contained in a small tablet
  • Excellent form of zinc chelate, without additives
  • Provides support for the immune system
  • Can lower dihydrotestosterone levels
  • Facilitates the development of athletic silhouette
  • Optimizes the insulin management
  • Strong anti-oxidant activity
  • Improves the quality and quantity of semen
  • Supports the synthesis of testosterone
  • Improves skin condition
  • High bioavailability
  • Increases libido

Chelated zinc from Aliness is an excellent formulation in the form of tablets, that contains a high dose of zinc in the best available on the market form of chelate, which is exceptionally absorbed and maintains high stability in a hostile environment of the digestive tract.

Zinc is one of the most essential minerals present in organism. Even though, the demand for it is estimated to be around 15 mg daily, its larger quantities can bring specific benefits. The primary storages of this microelement in the organism are bone and muscle tissues. It participates in a number of metabolic transformations, which is connected with its role in the formation of ca. 200 enzymes that catalyze reactions.

In connection with the presence of zinc in the products, which are uncommon in a typical diet, not everyone supplements oneself with the proper amounts of this element. What is more, many substances contained in the food significantly lower the absorbability of zinc, hence the assimilation of proper zinc quantity becomes extremely difficult.

Support of the immune system
Zinc is an essential immunomodulatory factor, and because of that ensuring its right supply influences the maintenance of proper response of the immune system on the pathogens. This microelement is able to intensify the production of T lymphocytes, which are essential cells in the acquired immune reaction. It is possible mainly by the stimulation of thymuline synthesis, i.e. a hormone produced in thymus, which is able to intensify the production of these lymphocytes, and by doing so the organism is more capable of dealing with infections. Zinc improves the effectiveness of immune reaction also by intensification of activity of other immune cells, neutrophils and monocytes, among others. Because of that the organism possesses a strengthened first line of defense during pathogen intrusion, and at the same time, not allowing it to spread across the body.

What is more, this element can also counteract the hyperactivity of the immune system cells, therefore its proper supply can become a treatment element during the fight with autoimmunological diseases.

Improvement of insulin sensitivity
Zinc is directly connected with the secretion of insulin, which is in turn a natural reaction on the increase of glucose level in blood. According to some research, the deficiency of this element occurs in the majority of people suffering from type 2, and what is interesting, also from type 1 diabetes. Zinc influences the pancreas cells responsible for the synthesis of insulin, and because of that it is able to increase or decrease the amount of this hormone released into the bloodstream. Its presence enables the storage of insulin in pancreas, through which the organism possesses the proper amounts of insulin in case of significant increase of glucose level. The absence of this reaction can result in the development of severe complications of many organs.

Zinc is the masculinity element
Zinc is a universal support for the hormonal management in men, through which it supports their frame of mind, skin and hair appearance as well as libido. Above everything, this microelement intensifies the effects of testosterone, both through increasing its level as well as by increasing the number of receptors, which are responsible for its influence on cells. This hormone also allows for the increase of nitrogen synthesis in the organism, and by doing so it facilitates the development of muscle mass and lowers the adipose tissue level. High testosterone level and its activity improves also the frame of mind, increases sexual drive and has a beneficial influence on the quality and duration time of erection. What is more, it ensures the increase of the amount of energy during the day and can improve mental abilities.

As equally important zinc activity is the inhibition of 5α-reductase enzyme, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This zinc activity is especially visible in the case of supplementing with slightly higher than recommended amounts of this microelement. It is worth mentioning that DHT is a hormone which is most often responsible for baldness of men, and when its level is too high it can cause unpleasant skin problems, including acne. What is worse, prolonged exposition of the organism to too high level of this hormone can cause prostatic hypertrophy. Zinc supplementation limits the production of this hormone, which additionally increases the overall testosterone pool.

What is more, this element is capable of improving not only the quality, but also the quantity of semen produced in the testicles. Men providing the optimal amount of zinc produce semen with higher sperm count, which additionally are characterized with the proper structure and high mobility. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure high supply of this microelement in case of trying for a baby.

Zinc reduces the oxidative stress
Zinc is also a strong antioxidant, which is connected with its enzymatic activity. It is a part of superoxide dismutase, which is responsible for the decomposition of free radicals into harmless substances, reducing in this way the damages caused by the reactive oxygen species. Because of decreasing the oxidative stress, zinc is able to beneficially influence practically the whole organism, and the circulatory and nervous systems can be considered as special beneficiaries of this activity.

To sum up, chelated zinc from Aliness is a formulation that provides a high dose of zinc in the form of small, easy to swallow tablets. This supplement allows for fast balancing of dangerous deficiencies or complementation of diet with this microelement. It is a support for the immune system, counteracts the free radicals and can contribute to the optimization of hormonal management in men. In addition, this product does not contain unnecessary additives, and no zoonotic ingredients were used in its production.

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