Slimming beverages

The matter of the right choice of beverages is very important to our general health and also to the body weight and composition. Apart from the countless number of beverages, whose consumption definitely has a bad influence on our body aesthetics, there are also those, which have distinct qualities. What beverages do we mean?

Highly-mineralized water

What water is like – everybody sees. Its presence in our ranking should not surprise anybody, since it is a beverage with no calories. But can it have slimming properties? Well, the answer is “yes”. First of all, if we normally drink beverages with sugar and replace them with mineral water, we may significantly lower the energy supply, but this is not the end. It is worth knowing that there exist some research suggesting that drinking water before eating may decrease food intake and helps to obtain negative caloric balance. What is more, the elements contained in mineral waters, such as calcium and magnesium, may support the process of fat burning, influencing enzymes activity taking part in the regulation of many metabolic processes. Especially rich in magnesium and calcium are highly-mineralized waters.


Although until up two decades ago coffee has been far from glory and faith and was presented as a worthless or even harmful drug, today it is starting to be perceived as a beverage with healthy qualities. Coffee, similarly to green tea (more about tea in the next paragraph), provides phenolic compounds, which in connection with caffeine increases energy consumption and boosts lipolytic hormones activity, intensifying at the same time the breakdown of adipose tissue and facilitating weight loss. Definitely the strongest properties has coffee without milk or sugar and its exceptional potential may be intensified by adding hot species, such as cayenne pepper (chili), cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.

Green tea, but not only

A lot has been written and said about healthy and slimming qualities of green tea, but few people know that similar properties can be also found in black tea. Bioactive ingredients contained in the tea infusion, such as catechins (green and white teas), theaflavins and thearubigins (fermented teas) in connection with theine (caffeine) have thermogenous properties that increase energy consumption and improve hormones activity taking part in energy balance regulation. Slimming effect of tea are especially visible, when we drink it regularly, a few times a day. Including green tea into our diet will work better for people normally avoiding caffeine. Obviously, tea should not be sugared.


Cocoa is not usually associated with a slimming beverage, more with a fattening, sweet dessert drank in the childhood. Well, the situation may look a bit different, when under the name “cocoa” there is no sugary powder, only pigmented with a small portion of cocoa seeds’ derivatives. Cocoa is a source of polyphenols, phenethylamines and theobromine, which may potentially positively influence our energy management, being conducive to losing weight and beneficial to selected metabolic parameters. Cocoa served without sugar with a hint of cinnamon or cardamom may constitute an effective replacement in case of a strong sweets craving. It is important to prepare a drink from natural seeds without sugar.


When losing weight we should pay attention to the right choice of beverages. With a proper scrupulousness it is possible to accelerate the fat burning process. With the wrong choice of beverages, the slimming process may be inhibited. Mineral waters with high content of magnesium and calcium, coffee, tea and not-sugared cocoa – these are the beverages that may facilitate the work on our body.

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