The perfect kitchen assistant – what should it be ?


When choosing equipment that will help us cook, we usually consider different aspects of its use. We want to save time and money and prepare tasty meals. For many people, healthy eating and caring for ecology are also important.

Below we suggest how to choose a device that will meet all of these criteria.  

Bet on multifunctionality

Blender, mixer, microwave oven - many people slowly completes the so-called small home appliances that will help in the daily preparation of meals. However, the use of these facilities has its drawbacks. First of all - each stage of preparing more complicated dishes is associated with dirtying the next batch of dishes, which means we lose time for washing later. Second - all of these devices consume electricity, which is neither economic nor ecological. Thirdly - we need to find a place in the kitchen for each household appliance. A good solution is to choose a compact, multi-functional kitchen assistant that will replace most of the individual devices.

It is worth considering purchasing a multifunctional kitchen appliance in which we will prepare a delicious cream soup, cook vegetables in water or steamed fish, grind spices, make a cake or simply heat the dinner we made the previous day.

Save time and money

The distinguishing feature of the best kitchen assistants is that they allow you to cook a full dinner using only one source of energy. - A two-level device will be a good solution. Thanks to it, we will be able to cook fish or vegetables at the same time and, for example, cook porridge or rice.

Another way to save money is to prepare at home those dishes we usually buy in the store. The best of the devices will help us to make butter or fruit juice ourselves, and those with emulsifying function - also homemade mayonnaise. In addition, those that have a built-in weighing and taring function will ensure that we do not have to measure every ingredient using a kitchen scale, which will save us time. With the help of a clever kitchen assistant we will prepare creative, imaginative meals, and the temptation to eat dinner in the city will be much smaller, which will also have an impact on our home budget.  

Eat healthy

Recently, the function of steaming has been very popular. No wonder - this is the healthiest way to prepare meals. Prepared dishes in this way retain more nutritional value than those cooked in water or fried, while not absorbing calories fat.

People who prefer steaming usually use a steamer, choose special pots or use sieve plates. Meanwhile, if we decide on a multifunctional kitchen appliance with the function of steaming, we will not need additional equipment to prepare our favorite dishes.

But it is not everything. A properly selected kitchen assistant will help us prepare fresh juice, a delicious salad or a healthy, low-calorie fruit dessert. With his help we will also prepare, for example, a concentrate of vegetable or poultry broth, which we will later use when cooking soups, replacing it with popular but not necessarily healthy broth cubes. Preparing a full-fledged home, free of unnecessary fat and industrially processed meals, is the basis for healthy eating.

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