Whey properties – cheap and great source of proteins!


Whey thanks to its nutritional properties is very popular, especially among athletes. Whey supports the functioning of the digestive system, but also positively affects the condition of the skin and hair. Because of the latter it is often used externally in the form of lotions.

Whey liquid itself is a product low in protein, because it consists mostly of water, and in order to concentrate it, whey is powdered. In this form, it can be successfully used as a dietary supplement - especially by physically active people. Whey protein is characterized by excellent absorbability, which contributes to fast muscle regeneration after exercise.

Whey - composition

The healing and nutritional properties of whey are closely related to the vitamins and minerals it contains. It can be consumed by everyone, regardless of age, gender or general health status. 100 grams of whey has an energy value of approximately 26 kcal. This product is also a rich source of components such as:

- Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12

- Biotin

- Iron

- Phosphorus

- Iodine

- Magnesium

- Calcium

- Potassium

Whey properties

If you want to use whey protein supplements, we recommend checking MZ Store Whey - our branded Whey Protein with great taste and high protein content!
If you want to use whey protein supplements, we recommend checking MZ Store Whey - our branded Whey Protein with great taste and high protein content!

Originally it was consumed only for nutritional purposes, but the observations made by scientists of that time indicated that when consumed regularly it had a beneficial effect on many ailments - both physical and mental ones. Modern research methods have confirmed that these assumptions were correct, and today it is known that whey affects, among others:

Improving the functioning of the digestive system - lactic acid contained in whey neutralizes harmful compounds found in the intestines, making their work more efficient.

Weight loss - compounds contained in whey improve metabolic processes.

Lowering the level of bad cholesterol in blood - thanks to the high protein content.

Improved immunity - thanks to the significant content of ascorbic acid.

Improving the appearance of the skin - despite the ongoing research on this property of whey, it seems to be very promising especially in the context of skin regeneration and nutrition.

It is also worth mentioning that the potassium and calcium contained in whey take care of the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as help in therapy against depression and reduce the symptoms of stress.

Whey powder

In order to get the best out of whey in an aqueous solution, it is processed to be powdered. This process eliminates the high lactose content that can cause stomach discomfort in many people. Today, whey powder is used to make a variety of dairy products (ice cream, cream, processed cheese) and chocolate-based sweets. It is also used as a therapeutic agent in relieving symptoms of gout, hypertension or various skin diseases.

Whey powder is a cheap, healthy and effective means to diversify and supplement a daily diet with high quality protein, which as a component has a very high biological significance for living organisms.

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