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ProbioBalance Forte ProbioBalance Forte 30 caps.
21.92 €

ProbioBalance Forte 30 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2025-11

From 3 units only: 21.48 € / Units. -2%

Shipping weight: 150g
No gluten
21.92 € With VAT
1.46 € / serving
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  • As much as 60 billion of bacteria cells in one capsule!
  • Special encapsulation technology
  • Without the addition of soy, lactose or gluten
  • Container form darkened glass
  • Vegan friendly

Aliness Probio Balance Forte is a highly specialized probiotic-prebiotic formulation, which is characterized by containing as much as 60 billion of bacterial cells, belonging to the Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus kinds.

Bacteria cells have been placed inside capsules in structures resembling cell membranes (encapsulation technology), which prevents them from their digestion in difficult conditions present in the gastrointestinal tract. Everything is made entirely of plant materials, thanks to which they are 100% vegan-friendly. This supplement is placed in a bottle made of violet glass, which protects against the oxidizing and decomposing effects of light that comes from outside.

The composition of the formulation contains:
Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, paracasei, rhamnosus, casei, crispastus, salivarius) – lactic acid bacteria that live both in the gastrointestinal tract as well as in mucous membrane of the female genital tract.

Bifidobacterium (breve, animalis lactis, longum, bifidum) – the type of bacteria that appears as the first in the gastrointestinal tract of newborns. They are responsible for the production of organic acids, which converts into a reduction in pH within the intestines area and inhibition of the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which include C. difficile, H. pylori, E. coli or C. Candida.

Streptococcus thermophilus – a strain belonging to the viridans group, which, as a matter of fact are the only representatives of this group that do not naturally occur in the organism. In industry, mainly used for the production of milk products, however, in the system it supports other probiotic bacteria included in the mucosa microflora.

Prebiotics are the substances needed for the growth and development of symbiotes. Fibregum™ Bio LAW is a prebiotic formula that is characterized by the low water activity of the carrier (capsule shell). Because of this, it does not absorb too much water, which could create an environment for excessive activation of bacterial enzymes that lead to self-digestion of their cells. The lack of inulin, replaced by polysaccharides which are metabolized at a slower rate, guarantees a reduction in the occurrence of flatulence and the feeling of overflow.

To sum up, Aliness Probio Balance Forte is an excellent formulation that contains the optimal amount of probiotic strains.

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