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Green Tea EGCG Green Tea EGCG 100 caps.
Apollo's Hegemony
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Green Tea EGCG

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  • Healthy cardiovascular system
  • Natural antioxidant activity
  • Lipid peroxidation prevention
  • Metabolic disease prevention
  • Beneficial effect on skin health
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Support in body weight control
  • Thermogenic properties
  • Vegan capsules

Apollo’s Hegemony Green Tea EGCG is a dietary supplement containing a green tea extract standardised to 50% of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). One vegan capsule contains 500 mg of the extract, which equals about 4-5 cups of green tea. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, it supports the health of the cardiovascular system and helps to control body mass.

Green tea and its active components
Green tea is obtained from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush which are first steamed and then dried. Tea is second only to water when it comes to their popularity as beverages. Green tea leaves, unlike black tea leaves, are not fermented, thanks to which they keep much more of their biologically active components. Green tea contains an abundance of polyphenolic compounds, mainly catechins. It also contains flavonoids, phenolic acids, purine alkaloids (including caffeine), and some amounts of vitamins B, C, E, and K.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of the four main catechins in green tea, but it is considered to be the crucial active component responsible for most of its health-promoting properties. As a polyphenolic compound, EGCG displays confirmed antioxidant properties, that way exerting a protective effect on cells of the organism.

Anti-inflammatory properties of EGCG
Green tea catechins, including EGCG, have scientifically confirmed anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a result of excess reactive oxygen species and can lead to many diseases. Green tea catechins neutralise free oxygen radicals and are able to chelate metal ions in oxidation-reduction reactions. They can also affect the activity of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase.

EGCG has been demonstrated to reduce inflammatory skin damage caused by UV radiation. Tests on human melanoma cell lines treated with EGCG showed inhibition of pro-inflammatory factors, which led to a reduction in interleukin 1β levels and a decrease in the transcription factor NF-kB. As a result, melanoma cells stopped growing.

Effect on lipid metabolism and the circulatory system
In vitro, green tea catechins exhibit the ability to inhibit digestive lipases, which results in a reduction of triglyceride lipolysis. Tests on animals have demonstrated that following a low-cholesterol diet and at the same time using green tea catechins resulted in a reduction of total cholesterol as well as the levels of LDL and HDL. Another study concluded that green tea helps to increase the resistance of lipoproteins to ex vivo oxidation.

In the light of the above, it can be concluded that green tea catechins can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. And, as research shows, that conclusion is correct. For example, a several-year-long study on humans showed that drinking green tea regularly is correlated with a reduced risk of a heart attack and coronary heart disease.

Support in maintaining proper body mass
A test on animals showed that the group on a diet with green tea rich with catechins and caffeine displayed a significant reduction of intraperitoneal body weight. Moreover, a drop was observed in the levels of triglycerides and non-esterified fatty acids, which indicates a reduction of lipid deposition in the body.

Another mechanism through which green tea can help to lose weight are the thermogenic properties of EGCG. The compound has been demonstrated to increase thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and increase mitochondrial biogenesis. In other words, it boosts metabolism, which translates into more intensive energy expenditure in the body.

To sum up, Apollo’s Hegemony Green Tea EGCG is a dietary supplement that naturally supports the health of the circulatory system, helps to reduce body mass, and eliminates inflammation. The preparation is recommended as preventive healthcare, as an aid in the metabolic syndrome, overweight or obesity, for normalising the lipid profile, and for skin problems.

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