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Egg albumin is classified as a non-dairy animal protein. It is obtained only from the liquid protein of chicken eggs, which gets deprived of other ingredients, dried and pasteurized. The biological value index (BV) of albumin is equal to 100, which is due to, among others, the complete amino acid profile, consisting of all essential amino acids (including BCAA) and a large amount of glutamine.

Supplements based on egg albumin digest much faster than casein, but slower than whey. They perfectly fill the gap between these two types of protein supplements. They are characterized by high anabolic and anti-catabolic capacity; they contribute to the growth of muscle mass and they favor maintaining a sufficiently low level of adipose tissue. An additional advantage of the egg albumin-based supplements is the very low content of fat and carbohydrates as well as the lack of milk sugar. They can be successfully used by people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Our offer includes nutrients that contain 100% pure egg albumin and advanced protein blends that combine egg albumin with fractions of milk proteins.


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Egg Pro
Egg Pro Discontinued
28.78 $

Protein supplement based on whey protein. Supports anabolic processes and regeneration.

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100% Egg Gold Standard
100% Egg Gold Standard Discontinued
38.98 $

Protein supplement based on pure egg albumin. Supports muscle building and fat burning.

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