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Micellar casein is considered to be the purest, most abundant in valuable amino acids and characterized by the highest nutritional value form of casein protein. It is obtained from milk, using natural microfiltration, carried out at low temperature and without the use of chemicals. It retains the intact peptide structure, contains a large amount of glutamine and branched chain amino acids. It is also practically void of lactose.

Micellar casein belongs to slow-released proteins, which is why casein-based supplements are recommended for use mainly at bedtime and when the breaks between consecutive meals amount to several hours. The slow process of casein digestion causes that amino acids are released into the blood systematically and for a long time. This provides effective and long-lasting protection against catabolism and also provides a feeling of satiety for many hours.

In comparison to other forms of casein proteins, micellar casein is considered the tastiest. We offer an extensive range of flavors you can choose from. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rich offer of our store.


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from 47.44 $

Nitric booster. It reduces the acidification of muscles, increases stamina and improves concentration.

18.71 $

The highest quality micellar casein, characterized by slow release of amino acids to the organism.

Biotech Usa
from 26.84 $

Slowly absorbable protein – calcium caseinate. Provides muscles with nutrients for many hours.

15.99 $

Protein supplement based on micellar casein. It supports the regeneration and protects against catabolism.

from 29.55 $ from 26.84 $

Protein supplement based on micellar caseine and calcium caseine with a very good taste.

from 36.60 $ from 31.18 $

Protein supplement with micellar caseine with an extended absorption time. It works anticatabolically.

PeptoPro Out of stock
Xxl Nutrition
51.24 $

Protein supplement based on micellar casein hydrolyzate. Effectively reduces catabolism.

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Elite Casein Out of stock
59.37 $

Protein supplement based on micellar casein. It makes it easy to build muscles and reduce body fat.

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Micellar Casein Out of stock
20.33 $

Protein supplement based on micellar casein with vitamins. Reduces catabolism.

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Night Protein Blend
Night Protein Blend Discontinued
from 22.77 $

A set of proteins with prolonged absorption. It supplies the muscles with the necessary amino acids.

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Casein Pro
Casein Pro Discontinued
from 36.60 $

Protein supplement based on micellar caseine of extended absorption. Reduces catabolism.

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Night Pro
Night Pro Discontinued
26.84 $

Protein supplement based on calcium caseinate and micellar casein. Supports regeneration.

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